Athletic Hall of Fame

Please nominate a Hilltopper!

The MUHS Athletic Hall of Fame selection committee is seeking nominations for the next awards dinner, scheduled for early 2015. Nominate a worthy Hilltopper today! More information below.

Those recently inducted - 2012 Hall of Fame Event

Rules for Selection

Hall of Fame candidates shall be proposed by alumni and friends of Marquette University High School. Nominees will be solicited through the alumni magazine, this website and by the Alumni Board.

The selection committee will accept recommendations of Marquette High graduates, who have excelled in one or more sports, and who have distinguished themselves and the school in their athletic endeavors while a student at Marquette. The committee will also entertain recommendations of others to be recognized for outstanding services to the Hilltopper program. This category will include athletic directors, coaches, trainers and managers, as well as others whom the committee may approve.

The final selection of inductees will rest with the committee, which will review the names of proposed candidates every four or five years.

The minimum requirements for election into the Hall of Fame are as follows:

  • The candidate must have excelled in one or more sports while a student at Marquette High School, and/or must have made a major contribution to Marquette athletics.
  • The candidate must be an alumnus for a minimum of ten years prior to being considered for induction into the Hall of Fame, and/or must be retired from the position at which they served before being considered for induction.

Any number of candidates can be inducted in a given year.

Selection Committee

The selection committee consists of 10 or more alumni, as well as advisory members such as coaches, administrators, etc.

The Athletic Director of Marquette High school is a permanent member of the committee. While there are no explicit qualifications for appointees to the committee, care shall be exercised to select members who have knowledge of the athletic history of Marquette High and are representative of the various periods of that history. Members of the committee must abstain from voting if a member of his family relative is proposed.

History and Bylaws

To learn more about the Athletic Hall of Fame, please visit the History and Bylaws Page