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Brand Support

The MUHS brand represents the proud tradition of Marquette University High School. Through visual and verbal elements, the brand symbols, logos and typography help communicate a unified identify.

The Office of Communication and Marketing provides brand assets upon request, along with guidance on how to best use the assets for internal and external audiences. Assets include:

  • Logo structure and usage: Defines the structure and appropriate use of the Marquette University High School logo.
  • Typography: Defines the brand fonts and usage to be aligned with the brand platform.
  • Color palette: Defines the values of official primary brand colors.

Departments, organizations and partners can fill out a request form to use MUHS brand assets. For questions, please email

Request a Logo 

Brand architecture 

Primary colors - Gold 
PMS: 123 C
CMYK: 0, 22, 92, 0
RGB: 255, 199, 44

Primary colors - Blue 
PMS: 281 C
CMYK: 100, 93, 33, 32
RGB: 0, 32, 91
HEX: #00205B

Secondary colors - Grey 
PMS: 4291 C
CMYK: 54, 50, 48, 15
RGB: 116, 110, 110
HEX: #746E6E

Secondary colors - Light blue 
PMS: 7682 C
CMYK: 64, 42, 9, 0
RGB: 103, 135, 183
HEX: #6787B7

Approved fonts 

Approved MUHS fonts Factoria Black, Univers 67 and Prensa Regular can be downloaded for official MUHS design projects. Click below to download the Zip file.
MUHS Brand Colors