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Science Olympiad State Champions 2024

Marquette University High School's Science Olympiad team continued its success this past weekend, claiming their fourth consecutive state championship title. 

The MUHS Science Olympiad Team has quickly risen to become a national powerhouse. Under the leadership of coach Nicole Williams, they've earned the Wisconsin state championship four years in a row (2021-2024) and secured an impressive 4th place finish at the 2022 National Tournament.

At this year's state championship, the varsity team earned all-state honors in every event. The varsity team includes Ronak Patel, Jacob Wood, Nathan Stuart, August Neumann, Cameron Pajot, Kolbe Schlosser, Arjun Patel, Ethan-Jeffery Lomo-Tettey, William Peelen, Thomas Haverty, Mitchell Henry, Trevor Waltersdorf, Luke Josetti, Petrick Pelikan, and James Stamm.

Their JV team ranked first amongst all JV teams, and medaled in an impressive 14 out of their 28 events. The JV team includes Michael Conaty, Evan Bahr, Luca Viccari, Joe Mancuso, Charlie Tomasi, Isaac Neuman, Cooper Dunlop, William Schwanabeck, Max Mindy, Thomas Petrucci, Jack Lemke, Finn Daily, James Pienkos, Nick Melcher and Michael Milbranth.

The Science Olympiad tournament is one of the nation's most prestigious and rigorous competitions in science, technology, engineering and math. Teams compete in challenges on topics ranging from human health, biology, chemistry and more.

Throughout the year, students work on designing and building catapults, planes, bridges and parachutes and learn about the natural world, from the behavior of electrical currents, the structure of essential proteins, or the best conditions for plants.

MUHS Science Olympiad alumni have attended school at Caltech, Stanford, Yale, Notre Dame, Northwestern and other top science and engineering schools. 

MUHS has a strong tradition of preparing its students for further studies in academic disciplines that rely on math and science as their foundation. More than 97 percent of Marquette High graduates complete four or more years or credits of coursework in both math and science. 


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