1:1 Student Technology Initiative

1:1 Student Technology Initiative

What is a 1:1 program?

A 1:1 computer/device program is shorthand for referring to each student having their own computer device in the classroom. Rather than the traditional model of shared computer labs students will use their own devices anywhere, anytime. While we will still maintain some dedicated computer labs for special software students will use their own devices for day-to-day work.

What model 1:1 program does MUHS use?

MUHS will use a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) model that colleges and universities use. Students must bring a device that they own for use at school. This model provides the best scenario for students to learn in their own environment where they are comfortable. As a college-prep school it also prepares them for life at the college level. Teaching them responsible use of technology while also giving them the tools they need to enhance their learning, is part of the MUHS curriculum.

What device should be used?

In a BYOD environment the student is free to bring, with exceptions, any device they want to bring. That device needs to meet certain minimum requirements; however, that are covered on our Requirements page.

Who to contact with questions?

Please e-mail .