Academic Courses

Academic Courses

Information for academic course selection can be found in the Curriculum Guide.

Course Selection Instructional Video

Course Selection Timeline for 2021-2022 School Year

Completing the course selection process indicates that students and parents commit to the courses they choose, including alternate courses.

Jan. 18 – Jan. 22, 2021:

Careful deliberation and conversations regarding courses

Advising - Course selection process discussed with advisees

  • Teachers will discuss options for next year with their classes as well as individual students identifying the appropriate level of courses to take.

- AP and Accelerated courses move at a faster pace and require more independent work than other courses.
- Students should expect to have 2 – 3 hours of homework a night.

  • Students will discuss their desired course selections with their parents and advisors, seeking balance in their school and co-curricular commitments.
  • Students should use the top of the Course Selection Worksheet to record the co-curricular and outside-of-school commitments they anticipate having for next year.
  • Students and parents should consult the Curriculum Guide when selecting courses.
  • The following questions have been recommended for parents to discuss with their son(s) by Dr. Brian Fidlin*, a clinical psychologist from the Milwaukee area:

- How would I rate my son’s ability to manage stress?

- What stress management tools do we have in place already? How much do we know about stress and how to manage it? (Completely eliminating stress is not desirable nor realistic.)

- How much does my son have on his plate? How much will he have on his plate when school is in session?

- What are signs my son displays when he is stressed v. non-stressed, overwhelmed v. not overwhelmed? How quickly can he adjust to the stress he experiences and manage it?

- At what level of stress do I want my son functioning? What if that means turning opportunities down—is he/are we prepared to eliminate activities to better manage stress and improve overall health (both mental health and physical health)?

Jan. 25 – Feb. 3, 2021:
Online Course Selection is open for students

  • Instructions will be given to students in advance of this date.
  • Students log into PowerSchool and complete their online course selection at any time this week from any computer with an internet connection. Classes are not scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis, so students should log-in when it fits their schedules during the week.
  • Students must PRINT a copy of their completed selections
  • Parents must SIGN a copy of the printout

Feb. 8 or 9, 2021:
Signed PowerSchool Printouts due to Advisors

Course selection is only complete when a parent and advisor signature is present on the printout from PowerSchool.

Summer 2021:
Finalized schedules will be available
Book list will be available


Information regarding the Academic Booklist and options for purchasing books will be available in mid-July when the class schedules are mailed to students.

Used textbooks and class materials also can be purchased through the annual MUHS Used Book Sale sponsored by the Mothers Guild. The Used Book Sale is held the third week of July, following the release of the school book list.