AP Exam Schedule

Advanced Placement Exams - Update for 2020

The College Board released important information on April 3 regarding AP exams. The following information briefly addresses the most commonly asked questions and MUHS' plans. More detailed information from the College Board is available at: https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students

In late April a testing guide and video will be emailed to students with additional information.

Students have access to a new resource, AP Live, for review. Information is available on the link above.


AP exams will be administered the Weeks of May 11 and May 18 with start times at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m. and will last for 45 minutes. Each test will have a specific time at which it needs to be taken. Students need to take the exam during the standard testing dates. Students will be excused from any live classes during their scheduled exam(s). However, few exceptions can be made to this schedule. The complete schedule is here:


Students may take their exams on an internet-enabled mobile device (Computer, laptop, tablet, mobile phone). The test will focus on applying the content rather than recall of information.

Students are responsible for keeping track of their time. There is a timer that will appear on the screen to assist them.

Students will have the option of typing their responses or hand writing and taking a photo and uploading it.

The College Board will be utilizing multiple sophisticated tools to detect cheating. Students are not permitted to consult with anyone while taking the test.

Students are permitted to cancel any of the tests for which they are scheduled. To do so, parents must fill in this form so that the exam order can be adjusted. Due to Easter Break, this must be completed by April 8. Refunds will be made to those families.

Students who have been approved by the College Board to receive testing accommodations will have those built into the administration of the exam when they log in for the exam. So, a student who receives time and half extended time will have that additional time automatically added to his testing window. Information regarding other testing information will be available in the information that is emailed to students in April.

Teachers will be addressing specific format and content changes in their classes.

Questions can be directed to Ms. Fran Maloney, Asst. Principal for Academics, at maloney@muhs.edu.