Mothers Guild Used Book Sale Money

For families who did not attend the Used Book Sale on July 25:

  • Used Book Sale money will be handed out during Registration Day on Monday, Aug. 20, at the Mothers Guild table.

For questions regarding book sale, please email

K12 Student Direct\school\marquette

MUHS has partnered with K12 Student Direct to operate the school’s online bookstore.

Our new online bookstore can be found on the web at\school\marquette. K12 Student Direct is operated by a reliable and experienced educational book distributor with seventy years of experience. To get started, visit the website, set up an account, search for your courses and assigned materials, add them to a virtual shopping cart, and checkout with the shipping method of your choice.

We trust that you will find the website easy to navigate but have included instructions using K12 Student Direct:

K12 Student Direct Bookstore Instructions

K12 Student Direct Quick Start-up Guide

Important Information Regarding your Textbook Purchases for the 2018-2019 School Year:

  • The K12 Student Direct online bookstore includes important information regarding the textbook format options, free web links, access code requirements, and supplemental and/or optional materials needed for all MUHS courses and thus serves as the official 2018-2019 booklist.
  • The booklist posted here on the MUHS bookstore website is a convenient guide to book purchases but should not be regarded as the official booklist. Therefore, even if you plan to purchase your textbooks from another vendor, please visit the official K12 Student Direct bookstore first.
  • When creating your K12 Student Direct account, please use your MUHS email or an email that you routinely check and your student ID number. This year we are merging student schedules with the bookstore and students will be able to search for their unique booklist by student ID number. If you do not enter your student ID number, you will still be able to search for your textbooks by course number.
  • Schedule corrections made after Tuesday, July 17, will not be reflected in the schedule created in K12 Student Direct. Instead, you will need to search for the course (Course Number plus the first three letters of your teacher’s last name) to locate that course's materials.

Combination Locks and Goggles:

  • All students must use an official MUHS Combination Lock on their school locker. All incoming students and students who need to replace their lock will have an opportunity to purchase one during registration.
  • Safety googles required for many of the science courses will be available for purchase during registration.

Course-specific Information:

  • Students enrolled in Spanish 2 will use their Spanish 1 textbook for the first part of the school year and will need to purchase the Spanish 2 textbook to be used during the latter part of the school year and again in the Spanish 3.
  • Students enrolled in Mr. Griesbach's (160GRI) Advanced Precalculus course must have a copy of the 6th edition of Precalculus with Limits. Please note the edition of the required book.
  • Students enrolled in the Milwaukee History course should buy The Making of Milwaukee textbook at the used book sale, from an online vendor like Amazon, or directly from the Milwaukee Historical Society.

2018-2019 Academic Booklist

Version Rev. 7-25-18