Marquette High contracts with Follett Bookstores to provide textbooks and class materials for all students.

Follett partners with MUHS faculty each year to ensure families have access to the official book list, with textbooks from the right authors in the correct editions.

To purchase books through Follett Virtual Campus:

Ordering begins July 18: WWW.MUHS.BKSTR.COM

Used textbooks and class materials also can be purchased through the annual MUHS Used Book Sale sponsored by the Mothers Guild in July.

Annual Used Book Sale

As a service to MUHS, the Mothers Guild organizes and collects used books in the spring and sells them in July for the next school year. This is a great help to parents in keeping down the cost of education because the prices of the books are reasonable and 100% of the sales go directly to the families who sell the books. While you may not be able to purchase all your books at the Used Book Sale, you can get many of them easily.

October Sale credits and checks issued
We credit each current student's MUHS account with the proceeds from the sale of his books. This credit will be applied to fees assessed during the year—sports fees, AP exam costs, graduation expenses, etc. Amounts in excess of fees for the year can roll over to be a credit against tuition the following year. Senior students with a credit balance will be issued a check in June after graduation. Graduates and transfer students selling books will receive checks in early October as usual.

Please contact Used Book Sale Chairs at or Fran Maloney at 414-933-7220.

2017-18 Academic Booklist

Note – When reviewing the 2017-18 Academic Booklist, please check carefully if the course requires a hard copy of the textbook or an electronic copy or if either is acceptable.

Booklist Highlights

Review for important information about the Used Book Sale, Follett Bookstore and Electronic/Digital Materials.

Spanish 1, 2, and 3 Required Materials

Important Information for Students enrolled in Spanish 1, 2 and 3.

Spanish 4 Required Materials

Important Information for Students enrolled in Spanish 1, 2 and 3.