eCampus Bookstore - Please Check That You Have All Your Books

Please check that you have purchased all of the textbooks for your son's second-semester-only courses. We experienced some technical issues over the first two weeks of the Bookstore's opening that kept second-semester-only textbooks from displaying in the Bookstore. If you purchased books between July 20 and July 26, the list of textbooks displayed in eCampus was incomplete. Consult the textbook list against your son's schedule to ensure that he has all his books for the 2021-2022 school year. Departments most affected by this issue include English, Theology, and Social Studies. Your son’s schedule will indicate which courses are second semester only courses. Course name, number and teacher can be found on your son’s schedule and will be all of the information you need to use the Shop by Course option in eCampus.

LOGGING IN TO eCampus: Your son’s MUHS email address, including, and his MUHS password serve as his login to the eCampus Bookstore. Incoming freshman and transfer students should pick up their MUHS email and password at the Main Office.

eCampus is the official bookstore for MUHS. All required textbooks can be purchased through the eCampus. Both the 2021-2022 textbook list linked above and notes embedded within eCampus include important information regarding the textbook format options for MUHS courses. Plan to purchase textbooks as soon as possible to be ready for use on the first day of school. Allow at least one week for shipping. We advise students to purchase all other school supplies after the first day of classes when teachers distribute a course syllabus stating required course materials.


  • CALCULATORS: Except for Multivariable Calculus (course number 174), all math students should have a TI-84. Students enrolled in Multivariable Calculus (course number 174) should have a TI-89 calculator.
  • COURSE SPECIFIC EXCEPTION: Most courses use the same textbooks for both year-long and semester-long course. There are two exceptions to this rule. All English Department courses use a slightly different set of books. English courses are listed by course number followed by the teacher’s name. An additional exception is Mr. Griesbach’s Advanced PreCalculus (course 160). Please note that his section of this course will use the 6th edition of the Larson textbook.
  • ONLINE TEXTBOOK LICENSES: Biology 200, 202, and 208 require students purchase an online textbook license. Please purchase this license through eCampus. Chemistry 224 and 232 provide an option to purchase a print book only, an online textbook only, or an online book and hardbound book combo. Should you choose to purchase the license or book and license combo, please purchase this through eCampus. Many of the Spanish courses have chosen to use an online textbook. Please purchase the license to these textbooks through eCampus. Students enrolled in Math courses 148 and 160 (except for Mr. Griesbach’s sections of 160) will be charged a fee of approximately $40 for an online license. This fee will be added the MUHS bill statement. The license, which includes a PDF of the textbook, will be distributed by the classroom teacher.
  • SHEET MUSIC: Jazz Lab sheet music will be sold by the teacher.
  • SUMMER READING: The English Department has a summer reading requirement for all English courses. Except for English courses that first meet in 2nd semester, all required summer reading books must be read prior to the first day of school.


  • To begin the textbook purchasing process, start, click on the MUHS online
    bookstore at link.
  • Click on “Shop Now” on the Order Textbook widget.
  • Click on the “Google Sign In” button and log in using your son’s MUHS email address including and your son’s MUHS password. Incoming freshman and transfer students will need to pick up their log-in credentials in the Main Office. If this is not possible, please send an email to
  • Next, select a department and search the department list for your course number and teacher. Except for all of the English courses and Mr. Griesbach’s section of Math 160 (Advanced PreCalculus), all other course sections use the same textbook irrespective of teacher name and section number. For example, all Biology 200 students will use the same textbook. The technical difficulties we experienced while launching the Shop-by-Schedule function omitted a number of second semester only courses. Those courses have been added to the Shop-by-Course list but may be missing the semester and section numbers. Please, do not let this keep you from clicking on that course number and teacher name to reveal the required textbooks. Remember, textbook(s) will be the same for all but those courses mentioned above.
  • Select the textbooks you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.
  • When you have added all of your textbooks to the cart, proceed to checkout.

Step-by-step shopping instructions from eCampus


  • The 2021-2022 Textbook list and the eCampus online bookstore include essential information regarding the textbook format options and supplemental and/or optional materials needed for all MUHS courses.
  • When creating your eCampus account, use your son’s MUHS email (including and MUHS supplied password.
  • Digital license and materials purchased through eCampus will be loaded in the “My Digital Bookshelf” link located on the eCampus website. Access these materials with the following username and password configuration:
    Username: Your MUHS email address, including
    Password: Muhs1234
  • While eCampus makes every effort to upload schedule changes, please check your order against the textbook list if you have made changes to your schedule.
Plan to purchase textbooks as soon as possible so that they are ready for use on the first day of school. Allow at least one week for shipping. We advise students to purchase all other school supplies after the first day of classes when teachers will distribute a course syllabus stating required course materials.