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Academic  Requirements

Student must complete 23 credits, including the following requirements:

  • Theology 4 credits
  • English 4 credits
  • Mathematics 3 credits
  • Science 3 credits (Must include one credit of Biology and one credit of Chemistry.)
  • Social Studies 3 credits (Must include one credit of World History and one credit of U.S. History.)
  • World Languages 2 credits (Must include two consecutive years of the same language.)
  • Fine Arts ½ credit
  • Service Program ½ credit
  • Electives 3 credits

Additional Requirements

All students must complete the following:

  • Freshman Fitness Program
  • Freshman & Sophomore Retreat
  • Service Program volunteer hours in sophomore and junior years
  • Senior Shared Life Project, including volunteer work and reflection day

While transfer credit may be granted toward graduation requirements, only courses completed at MUHS will be included in GPA. Credits in courses such as Driver's Education will not be accepted for graduation requirements.

Required Courses

Students may complete other graduation requirements by selecting electives. Students taking four years of science must take one year of physics junior or senior year.

  • Freshmen: English 1, Mathematics, Biblical Literature
  • Sophomores: American Literature, Mathematics, Moral Decision Making, + Sacraments and the Catholic Church
  • Juniors: Two English electives, Mathematics, Church History, + Christian Discipleship
  • Seniors: Two English electives, Theological Seminar, & ½ credit Theology elective

1:1 Technology Initiative

Humanities Statement

Our Way of Proceeding: Standards and Benchmarks for Jesuit Schools in the 21st Century calls for institutions to “draw upon an Ignatian worldview and the Catholic intellectual tradition in all subjects to help students think critically, ethically and compassionately about themselves and the world around them.” Marquette University High School recognizes disciplines within the Humanities as vital to this mission. We seek to engender students with the desire both to serve others and to fruitfully participate in creating beauty and communion in the world. As such, MUHS emphasizes a rigorous curriculum that not only exposes students to the many faces of the human experience, but also fosters dialogue and understanding therein.

As integral to their education, students will encounter a plurality of cultural products and perspectives. They will engage voices found in the fiction, poetry, drama, and essays of English, as well as those composed in other languages. They will pursue excellence in communicating through the written word, focusing on the mechanics of effective composition, analysis, and rhetoric. They will examine global historical events, contexts, and cultures. They will be guided to appreciate artistic beauty in the world and the integral roles that creativity and creation hold in our lives. They will undertake these pursuits as part of a rich formal education and practice in Ignatian, Catholic spirituality.

MUHS affirms these goals as inextricably linked to developing compassionate and whole students committed to justice. The second universal apostolic preference adopted by the Society of Jesus urges us “to walk with the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice.” The Humanities curriculum across all four years of study offers our young men opportunity and encouragement to be contemplative in this regard, and it likewise frames education as the outward-facing and loving endeavor held so valuably by St. Ignatius.

Three Holy Companions
Marquette University High School recognizes disciplines within the Humanities as vital to Our mission.