The comprehensive purpose of the English Program is to develop students’ critical ability to analyze the quality and purpose of the printed page, to appreciate the human values woven into the fabric of enduring literature, and to cultivate students’ power of expression, both spoken and written, so that he may communicate his insights clearly and imaginatively.

Every MUHS student must take four years of English. The freshman program introduces the student to basic skills and understandings he will need in order to pursue a college preparatory program successfully. Along with the traditional investigation of literature, study of grammar and writing of paragraphs and essays, the student builds vocabulary, practices efficient study habits and enhances reading comprehension.

The sophomore curriculum is a continuation of the freshman program with the added expectation of greater depth of literary analysis through the study of multiple critical thinking strategies. Course reading includes both foundational and contemporary works of American literature that prepare students for reading at the university level. Additionally, students gain extensive experience in writing academic essays and preparing presentations.

In his junior and senior years, the student chooses a total of four semester-length courses which include Advanced Placement options, a variety of literature-based courses as well as writing course options. All junior and senior classes require the student to demonstrate critical thinking skills, close literary examination and organized, clear and insightful academic writing.

English Courses

  • English 1
  • American Lit/Composition
  • AP English Literature & Comp
  • AP English Language & Comp
  • American Hero
  • Modern Irish Literature
  • Expository Writing
  • Creating Writing
  • Poetry as Power
  • Plays of Shakespeare
  • Perspectives in Science Fiction
  • World Literature
  • Literature of Great Britain

Department Members

Joseph Cavanaugh

Joseph Costa

Megan Doering

Ann Downey

Michael Feely

Class of 1989

Maeve Gavagan

Terrence Kelly

Mary Frances Maloney

Michael Neubeck

Kyle Pollard

Ross Pribyl S.J.

Timothy Prosser

Javier Reyes

Erica Zunac