Fine Arts

Fine Arts

The goals of the Fine Arts Department are to stimulate an interest in the Fine Arts, to give students a positive creative experience, and to provide an enjoyable and challenging variation in the student's academic program. The fine arts promote personal growth as well as appreciation for the aesthetic environment. As such, experience of the fine arts is valuable for everyone and has lasting significance in the student's enjoyment of the world around us. These courses fulfill the objectives of the school's mission and philosophy statement.

The Fine Arts Department offers courses in Art, Music and Drama. All students must complete one-half credit in Fine Arts in order to graduate from Marquette University High School. Any of the courses listed in this section fulfill this requirement.

Fine Arts Courses

  • Explorations in Art
  • Painting
  • Photography 1-2
  • Ceramics 1-2
  • Drawing 1-2
  • Graphic Design
  • AP Studio Art
  • Computer Assisted Music
  • Jazz Lab 1-4
  • String Orchestra
  • Chorus & Select Chorus

Department Members

Peter Beck

Stacy Kodra

Jane Powers

Susan Sajdak

Randy Skowronski