Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy

Marquette University is a founding member of the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy.

The Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy offers distance learning that makes it possible to connect people, places and experiences to enhance learning in ways never before possible - providing innovations in course and content delivery, faculty development, community building and technology resources.

It's precisely what you'd expect from an endeavor created in the spirit of St. Ignatius and his companions. The Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy was developed through collaboration with Jesuit educators to provide Jesuit secondary schools with the ability to:

  • Provide additional curriculum to students of our traditional schools, as well as those in under-served areas.
  • Offer teachers new opportunities for professional growth and to share resources.
  • Enhance the technology skill sets of students and faculty alike.
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for parents, alumni and community leaders who value Jesuit education.

When MUHS offers courses through this program, the courses offered will enhance, not replace, the current curriculum at Marquette High. For information, contact Ms. Fran Maloney, assistant principal for academics,