The Science Department of Marquette University High School has a history of an extremely sound program of college preparatory courses. Each of the course offerings in the department has at least two levels. In addition to the college prep track, the Department also offer an accelerated track of courses for those more gifted and motivated in the sciences. Determination of placement in any given course will be made through the advisement of the Science Department. Students wishing to take two science courses in the same year must secure approval from the Science Department prior to submission of the Course Request Worksheet by their advisors. In addition, because of the desire of the department to have all science experience the three primary lab sciences, ALL senior science students must enroll in physics.

Laboratory work is integral to each science course. Methods of gathering and collating data, interpreting data, and forming logical and justifiable scientific conclusions are emphasized as the cornerstone of scientific investigation. Use of videos, computers, demonstrations, and independent research projects supplement laboratory work and class discussion. An active Science Club provides the highly interested student an additional opportunity to pursue independent research projects, to participate at interscholastic competitions, and to present educational programs to the community.

The science program emphasizes thorough study of the three basic courses: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. The majority of students complete all three courses in the college preparatory track. Others elect, through guidance and qualification, to pursue the basic courses in the accelerated track and follow an area of interest in an Advanced Placement course.

These science offerings are interesting, challenging, and demanding of an investment of time and effort by the student. With such a commitment, however, he will be rewarded with a solid preparation for college-level study along with a growing understanding of and curiosity about the complex world. A degree of scientific literacy is essential if one is to function maturely in today's increasingly technological society. All students are reminded that three credits in science are required for graduation.

Science Courses

  • Biology
  • Accelerated Biology
  • AP Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Accelerated Chemistry
  • AP Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Physical Geology
  • Physics
  • Accelerated Physics

Department Members

John Azpell

J.R. Collier

Russell Craze

Michael Donovan

Thomas Enright

Paul Fleisch

Carl Kaiser

Keith Klestinski

James Kostenko

Joseph Meyer

Matthew Scott

David Vogt

Nicole Williams