World Languages

World Languages

Each student must complete two years (2 credits) of the same foreign language in order to graduate from Marquette University High School. He has a choice of German, Latin, or Spanish. The World Language Department develops a systematic approach to the acquisition of cultural and second-language skills and encourages four years of a second language. The Modern Languages focus on communicative competence and have adapted the Proficiency Guideline Descriptors of ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages): Novice (Level One); Intermediate-Low (Level Two); Intermediate-Mid (Level Three); and Intermediate-High (Level Four). Latin stresses reading comprehension, Greco-Roman culture, scholastic exchanges and competition, and development of English vocabulary. A student may elect to take two foreign languages at the same time.

A student's initial placement -- usually for freshman year -- will be made through the Department. A placement test is given in Spanish and German. Successful completion of each course is the prerequisite for continuing to the next level.

World Languages Courses

  • Latin 1-3
  • Honors Latin 4-5*
  • German 1-3
  • Honors German 4-5
  • Honors Spanish for Heritage Speakers 1-2
  • Spanish 1-3
  • Honors Spanish 1-4*
  • AP Spanish Language & Culture*
  • AP Spanish Literature & Culture*

* Dual Credit Available

Department Members

Michael Dybicz

Alexis Howard-Paez

Marie Mansfield

Alejandra Martinez

Dan Miller

Diana Oliva

Erica Zunac