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Global Education

At MUHS, we seek to offer global opportunities for students to enhance their understanding of their place in the world. Global Citizens are those who continuously seek to deepen their awareness of their place and responsibility in an increasingly interconnected world, both locally and globally; those who stand in solidarity with others in the pursuit of a sustainable earth and a more humane world as true companions in the mission of reconciliation and justice. Throughout their four years, MUHS students can take part in opportunities both at school and through immersive trips that provide a global perspective. 

Service trips 

Somos Amigos Summer Service Trip to Dominican Republic (grades 10/11)

Courts for Kids Summer Service Trip to Guatemala (grades 10/11) 

Summer Service Trip to Rosebud Indian Reservation (grades 10/11) 


Enrichment trips

Summer Immersion at Christoph-Scheiner-Gymnasium in Ingolstadt, Germany (all grades)

Easter Break Pilgrimage to Spain Along the Ignatian Way (all grades) 



Virtual exchanges with schools in Tacna, Peru (grades 10/11/12) 

Hosting students from Licée Saint Jean in France (all grades) 

Ignatian Family Teach-In in Washington, DC (all grades) 

Arrupe Leaders Summit (all grades)

Ignatian Global Scholars Program

Developed by the Jesuit Schools Network, the Ignatian Global Scholars Program offers students opportunities to help them grow into global citizens for and with others.  To earn an Ignatian Global Scholar certificate from MUHS and the Jesuit Schools Network, students work closely with a faculty advisor to compile a digital portfolio of reflection projects inspired by globally focused coursework on campus, travel experiences, attendance at presentations on global issues, and sustained community service projects to build relationships with diverse cultures off campus.

Upon graduating, Ignatian Global Scholars receive a certificate from the Jesuit Schools Network recognizing their commitment to living the Graduate at Graduation ideals far beyond the walls of Marquette.  Colleges and employers value the Ignatian Global Scholars’ desire to investigate global challenges from different perspectives, their willingness to take action, their capacity to analyze complex issues, and their ability to communicate with cultural sensitivity.

The IGS certificate is a special diploma awarded at graduation.  To earn an Ignatian Global Scholar Certificate from the Jesuit Schools Network, students will successfully complete 7 of the 9 components listed on the other side of this pamphlet, selecting at least 1 component from each of the IPP categories: Context, Experience, Reflection, Action, Evaluation. A minimum of 4 semesters is needed to complete the requirements.  Students apply to begin the program as sophomores or juniors.

For more information, contact Global Education Coordinator, Mr. Dan Miller (

MUHS offers students opportunities to grow into global citizens for and with others

Ignatian Global Scholar Certificate Requirements