Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from Marquette University High School a student must complete 23 credits, including the following requirements:

  • Theology 4 credits
  • English 4 credits
  • Mathematics 3 credits
  • Science 3 credits (Must include one credit of Biology and one credit of Chemistry.)
  • Social Studies 3 credits (Must include one credit of World History and one credit of U.S. History.)
  • World Languages 2 credits (Must include two consecutive years of the same language.)
  • Fine Arts ½ credit
  • Service Program ½ credit
  • Electives 3 credits

In addition to the academic requirements for graduation, all students must complete the following:

  • Freshman Fitness Program
  • Freshman Retreat
  • Sophomore Retreat
  • Service Program volunteer hours in the sophomore year
  • Service Program volunteer hours in the junior year
  • Senior Shared Life Project, including volunteer work and reflection day

Students who fail to meet fitness minute requirement freshman year or service hour obligations during the sophomore and junior year will receive a mark of Unsatisfactory on their permanent transcript and will be subject to dismissal.

While transfer credit may be granted toward graduation requirements, only courses completed at Marquette High will be included in the student's GPA. Credits earned in courses such as Driver's Education will not be accepted as part of the graduation requirements.

Required Courses

Courses required in a specific year are listed below. Students may complete other graduation requirements by selecting electives as they choose. Students taking four years of science must take one year of physics junior or senior year.

Freshmen: English 1, Mathematics, Biblical Literature
Sophomores: American Literature, Mathematics, Moral Decision Making, + Sacraments and the Catholic Church
Juniors: Two English electives, Mathematics, Church History, + Christian Discipleship
Seniors: Two English electives, Theological Seminar, & ½ credit Theology elective