Academic Support Study Hall

Academic Support Study Hall

The Academic Support Study Hall ensures that students receive the support needed to help them develop academically and socially in the college prep environment of Marquette University High School.

The overriding goal is to provide opportunities for freshman and sophomore students to succeed by developing a support system during the school day. Identified students are placed in a structured study environment where both adult and peer tutoring is provided.

Students placed in the program are identified as a result of entrance scores, summer school performance, and overall academic performance. The program utilizes Jesuit Honor Society members to assist with the tutoring component of the program. Parents of students in the program receive updates on student progress on a regular basis.

The Academic Support Study Hall program also aims to:

  • Reinforce specific learning skills
    • Note taking and outlining
    • Study techniques
    • Reading comprehension
    • Effective communication
    • Research skills
  • Reinforce time management
  • Reinforce goal setting and accountability
  • Improve test taking and results