School Schedules

School Schedules

Academic Calendar

The academic calendar shows all school days, exam days and vacation days. At times the school schedule may need to be adjusted. Communications to parents and students will be made by the principal as soon as possible when a situation arises.

2020-2021 Quarter 3 Calendar (12-17-20)

Any questions regarding the school calendar should be sent to Mr. Casey Kowalewski, dean of students, at .

Bell Schedule -- Scenario B

Classes are being offered in-person and online due to restrictions to room occupancy at 50% in order to apply social distancing requirements. Students have been assigned a cohort (Blue or Gold) and report to school two or three days a week. The cohort not in the building on a given day will learn and engage in classes from home.

  • Class transition time is 6 minutes (instead of 4 minutes) to accommodate adjusted traffic patterns and social distancing norms.
  • Homerooms will meet three times per week to provide student activities and socialization during the day.
  • Dedicated Advising time will be provided to address the socio-emotional well being of students.
  • Late start will be offered every Wednesday (instead of Thursday) with a Liturgy period for worship and faith formation.