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Welcome To muhs

Marquette University High School forms leaders who are religious, loving, seeking intellectual excellence, committed to justice and open to growth. 

In a competitive and ever-changing world, a holistic and personalized MUHS education represents the best investment for your son at this stage of his life, giving him an extraordinary foundation to build his future.

We invite you to experience MUHS for yourself. Schedule a school visit or sign up for our Future Hilltopper email list to learn more.

John Meuler, 00
Director of Admissions
(414) 937-7800

Admissions Timeline


Group 1

Nov 1


Submit the admissions application, sign your son up to take the entrance exam, and request materials directly from his middle school. Priority deadline November 1.

Nov 1

Financial Aid

Fill out the FAIR financial aid application (optional). Application deadline is November 1.

Oct 13

Open House

On October 13, attend our Open House for 6th-8th grade families. This event showcases our academics, clubs, and sports. Take a tour and talk with teachers, students, administrators, staff, and coaches.

Mid Dec


In December, you will receive your admissions decision letter and find out if you have been been accepted this month!



At Marquette University High School, the spiritual journey of each student is of paramount importance. Grounded in the Jesuit tradition, the school nurtures a deep sense of faith, guiding students to "find God in all things." This principle is woven into every facet of school life, from classroom discussions and retreat experiences to service projects and daily interactions. This foundation not only strengthens their faith but also inspires them to lead lives of compassion, justice and service, truly embodying the Jesuit motto Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - for the greater glory of God.


A Marquette High education emphasizes critical thinking, ethical decision-making and a genuine love for learning. Faculty members are dedicated to ensuring that students are not only well-prepared for college but are also equipped with the skills to be lifelong learners. Our college-prep curriculum offers a diverse range of advanced placement courses, fostering intellectual curiosity and challenging students to reach their fullest potential.


Through a variety of extracurricular activities, spiritual retreats and community service opportunities, Marquette University High School nurtures the holistic development of its students, preparing them not only for higher education but for a life of purpose, leadership and community bonds. 



Francis Anggara

Teachers and peers are available to help during and even beyond school hours.

Derek Clayton

There is not enough space to capture how our son has grown in his academic, community service and faith at Marquette. We as parents want to provide the best opportunity for our son to grow and be better than we are. I am so proud that our son is a Hilltopper.   

Trey Cotey

You really feel a sense of belonging with your peers and teachers.

Meet The Team



Marquette High is in my roots, from my father who has taught Theology for more than three decades at this school, my brother and I who attended here as students and now my sister-in-law who joins us as co-director of College Counseling. I also received my BA from Marquette University and my MEd from the University of Notre Dame. My career in education has taken me to Oklahoma, South America, the south side at Notre Dame School of Milwaukee and now back to Marquette High. I enjoy sharing my experience of MUHS and its mission with prospective students and families.

Assistant Director of Admissions  
Junior Hilltopper Coordinator


With a background in school admissions at both the college and high school levels, I take pride in providing a smooth and personalized admissions process for families. Outside of work, I enjoy reading while cuddling with my two cats and traveling around Wisconsin to hike at different state parks with my husband and toddler. I graduated from Mount Mary University with an MS in school counseling.

Admissions Assistant


Jesuit education has been a part of my life since I was a freshman at Marquette High in 1996.  I graduated from Marquette University in 2004 and worked at Nativity Jesuit Academy for 16 years as a teacher and administrator before becoming the Director of Admissions.  I have a Master's in Education from Alverno College and an MBA in Educational Leadership from MSOE.  I am thrilled to promote Marquette's mission of faith, scholarship, and community to prospective families. My wife and I live in Wauwatosa and we have two children in elementary school.

Director of Admissions

Marquette University High School forms leaders who are religious, loving, seeking intellectual excellence, committed to justice and open to growth. The cornerstones of a Marquette High education include:

Faith Our theology curriculum, dynamic retreat program, community service opportunities, sacramental life, and prayer groups shape the faith experience at MUHS.

Scholarship Academic excellence is a hallmark of MUHS. Following the Jesuit tradition, our academic environment and liberal arts curriculum establish a foundation for critical thinking and life-long learning.

Community MUHS is a diverse and caring community. The faculty, staff and administration are committed to your son's growth, with strong support from our parents, alumni and friends.

We invite you to experience MUHS for yourself. Schedule a Campus Visit Shadow Day, attend Open House or sign up for our Future Hilltopper List to learn more.