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Marquette University High School forms leaders who are religious, loving, seeking intellectual excellence, committed to justice and open to growth. The cornerstones of a Marquette High education include:

Faith Our theology curriculum, dynamic retreat program, community service opportunities, sacramental life, and prayer groups shape the faith experience at MUHS.

Scholarship Academic excellence is a hallmark of MUHS. Following the Jesuit tradition, our academic environment and liberal arts curriculum establish a foundation for critical thinking and life-long learning.

Community MUHS is a diverse and caring community. The faculty, staff and administration are committed to your son's growth, with strong support from our parents, alumni and friends.

In a competitive and ever-changing world, the holistic, MUHS represents the best investment you could make for your son at this stage of his life, giving him an extraordinary head start as he builds his future.

We invite you to experience MUHS for yourself. Schedue a Campus Visit Shadow Day, or sign up for our Future Hilltopper List to learn more.

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