Admissions Process

Admissions Process

1. All applicants must submit a completed application and $30 non-refundable application fee to MUHS. Applications must be submitted prior to taking the November entrance exam.

NOTE: The Application for the Class of 2023 will be available Sept. 1, 2018

2. All applicants must take the MUHS Entrance Exam.

3. Onsite Written Essay:

  • Students who took the Entrance Exam at another Catholic high school must complete the onsite written essay. Call Ms. Erin Brown in the Admissions office to schedule.

4. Once a student has submitted an application and has completed the exam, MUHS will request transcripts and other evaluation forms from his current school.

How are students selected?

Marquette University High School does a thorough evaluation of every applicant. Below is a list of items that are used to help with the selection process:

  1. Review of Admissions application.
  2. Results of entrance exam.
  3. Review of entrance exam written essay.
  4. Review of academic progress reports from 6th through 8th grade including grades, attendance and behavior. (MUHS will request.)
  5. Review of previous standardized test results. (MUHS will request.)
  6. Confidential teacher evaluation. (MUHS will request.)
  7. Student interview (if necessary).
  8. Student must successfully complete 8th grade.