Class of 2022

Welcome to the Class of 2022!

We look forward to having you join the Marquette High community. We will post information here to help you as you prepare to be a Hilltopper.

If you have any questions as you begin your MUHS journey, please contact the Admissions Office.

Summer Reading Selection

The Last Summer of the Death Warriors
by Francisco Stork

Each summer, schools around the country, both private and public, and especially those schools that claim an elite, rigorous education – like Jesuit schools – provide students with summer reading suggestions and requirements. Here’s why:

  • In as few as 10 days without reading, verbal skills begin to diminish and neural pathways connected to language are weakened.
  • Leaders in most professional fields (business, medicine, IT Tech, Engineering) stress the importance of critical thinking, clear communication and advanced verbal skills – all directly built and enhanced through reading.
  • It takes just 8 weeks of daily reading (just 15-20 minutes a day) to improve skills like decoding, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary.

With this research in mind, and in the interest of building community among our incoming freshmen and having a common literary experience upon which to build early lessons, the English department has chosen to assign the Class of 2022 a book about friendship, death, love, faith, and ultimately, hope. The Last Summer of the Death Warriors, by Francisco Stork, follows two teenage boys as they develop an uncommon bond.

Students should secure a copy of The Last Summer of the Death Warriors from the public library, local bookseller, or through Amazon. Freshmen should be sure to finish reading the novel prior to the first day of school on Aug. 21. They can expect to be assessed on this reading in English class within the first few days of school.

Study Skills Boot Camp


August 6-9, 2018
For students who do not participate in academic summer school.

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