Learning with Legos: Competitive Engineering (Grades 5-6)

Learning with Legos: Simple Machines

For boys entering grades 5, 6

Design and build powered Lego creations to compete with other students. Models will be built using the Lego Education Simple Machine Kits and will explain the engineering concepts of torque, motion, energy and measurement. Tasks will be assigned to students and models must be built to meet the requirements of each competition. Students will work in pairs to foster collaboration and communication. As a bonus, each student will be able to keep one of his Lego creations to bring home and share with his family.

June 17 – 20 (Monday – Thursday)
9 a.m. – Noon
Fee: $120
Instructor: Mr. Paul Fleisch – Science
Minimum enrollment – 6; Maximum enrollment – 10

Pre-Science Olympiad: Engineering Challenge (Grades 7-9)

Pre-Science Olympiad: Engineering Challenge
For boys entering grades 7, 8, 9

If you have an interest in science and engineering this class is for you. Pre-Science Olympiad is designed to mirror the events of the National Science Olympiad tournament. Students can expect to design and build at least one structure, complete at least one engineering challenge and complete one problem solving lab challenge. Marquette University High School is the defending regional Champion in Science Olympiad and won third place at the 2018 State meet. The skills that students learn in this class could help them join the team when they enter high school.

July 30 – August 2 (Tuesday – Friday)
9 a.m. – Noon
Fee: $140
Instructor: Ms. Nicole Williams – Science
Minimum enrollment – 8; Maximum enrollment – 16

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