Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid Process

Students admitted to Marquette University High School may apply for the Financial Aid Program. Approximately 42 percent of the student body receives financial aid.

The financial aid program at MUHS is vital to attracting and retaining students. Parents seeking financial assistance for their son must complete a confidential form that highlights annual income, assets and liabilities. We contract with Financial Aid Independent Review, Inc. to process the financial aid applications and provide an objective evaluation of each family's financial need. FAIR is a nationally recognized leader in financial need evaluation services for Catholic and private schools.

The Financial Aid Committee reviews the recommendations and information provided by FAIR to determine the amount each qualified student will receive. MUHS cannot guarantee aid to all applicants. Awards are based on overall financial need (as indicated using federal tax forms) and timeliness of application.

The Process

There will be a $33 non-refundable processing fee required to apply for financial aid through an online application.

FAIR will require the previous year's federal tax return, and if applicable, will require business tax returns. The information that you provide will allow FAIR to accurately determine your family's need which remains the basis of our awards.

To Apply For Financial Aid