Why Marquette High?

Why Marquette High?


We develop Christ-like Men for Others.
  • Marquette High educates the whole person by fostering the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, artistic, moral and physical growth of each student.
  • Marquette is committed to the moral and faith development of young men at a time we believe is most critical.
  • Our focus on service develops a strong sense of dignity and equality in all persons within our students and promotes skills toward improving the world.


We prepare our students for college and life.
  • Students prepare for college and life through skills-based learning – in- and outside the classroom students develop independence, critical thinking skills, and collaboration at the same time knowledge is acquired.
  • With our long history as an all-boys school we understand how boys see the world and how best to engage them in their learning. We provide strong role models.
  • MUHS is committed to providing a learning environment that not only appreciates, but also celebrates differences in people.
  • The co-curricular tradition at MUHS complements the school’s academic program. Moral values, teamwork, and commitment are reinforced in after-school activities and programs.


We are a community that a student enters not just a school he attends.

  • Our location, on the near West side of Milwaukee, influences our culture of caring and giving, which is reflected in the way we look out for others and support our community.
  • MUHS maintains an environment where everyone feels cared for and cares for others; where there is a sense of belonging and believing in something greater than the individual.
  • A Marquette High education creates a lifelong network of faith, community and career support for all our alumni and their families.