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Performing Arts

MUHS Prep Players Present:



  • March 22, 2024 - 7:00 p.m.
  • March 23, 2024 - 7:00 p.m.
  • March 24, 2024 - 2:00 p.m.

O'Rourke Performing Arts Hall

Ticket Information

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  • Tickets are $12.00 for reserved seating and $10.00 for general admission.
  • Reserved seats need to be purchased online.
  • General admission tickets (Row T and back) may be purchased online or at the door the night of the performance you attend.
  • For more information about ticket sales, contact Mr. Jon Parsons at


Danny Zuko:  Dillon Gallagher
Sandy Dumbrowski:  Audrey Sullivan
Rizzo:  Audrey Ellis
Kenickie:  Tate Kowalik
Burger Palace Boys:  Doody - Matthew Hayes; Roger - Jaloni Brown; Sonny - Frank Spicuzza
Pink Ladies:  Frenchy - Emily Fricker; Jan - Sophie Wondrachek; Marty - Ella Connelly

Miss Lynch:  Serafina Stephenson
Patty Simcox:  Lindsey Hladio
Eugene Florczyk: Nathaniel Leis
Teen Angel:  Rory Bates
Johnny Casino:  Emmit Marsho
Vince Fontaine:  Jackson Czukas
Cha-Cha Digregorio:  Emma Hipp
Radio Voice:  Genevieve Baynes
Ensemble Guys:  
Marshall Bates, Kristian Benishek, Huechim Yang, Azlan Fonesca, CJ Hartzeim, Eli North

Ensemble Gals:  
Julia Mansfield, Delaney Scott, Sofia MIller, Anahi Espinoza, Sophie Koehler, Ann Frances Janisch, Genevieve Baynes, Sarah Beehler


Stage Crew

Stage Manager:  Declan McCormick
Light Board Ops:  Jonathan Esser, Marco Morales
Lights Assist:  Ben Reske, Ben Lyles-Schwarz
Sound Board Op:  Gabe Stillmank
Sound Assist:  Andrew Pentler
Props Manager:  Zach Hanson
Run Crew:  Bennett Stamm, Edward Mooney, Dan Lupercio-Ruiz, Andrew Kruszka, Neo Yang

Pit Orchestra

Saxophone:  Bobby Walsh
Trumpet:  Nick Pienkos
Keyboard:  Ezra Olson
Guitar:  Luke Murray, Joe Smukowski 
Bass:  Kue Xiong
Drums:  Alexander Gibbons, Isaac Visser


Production Staff

Director:  Alexa Farrell Broege

Music Director:  Tom Ajack
Technical Director:  Michael Young  
Orchestra Director:  Randy Skowronski
Assistant Director/Stage Manager:  Carly Irland
Choreographer:  Ashley Patin
Costumes, Hair, Makeup:  Alexa Farrell Broege
House Manager:  Jon Parsons
Student Stage Manager:  Declan McCormick

Winter Play 

MUHS Prep Players Present: Sherlock Holmes and the Portal of Time


Jan. 12-14, 2024
O'Rourke Performing Arts Hall

Prep Players moderators

Auditorium Manager, Production - Mr. Michael Young
Music - Mr. Randy Skowronski
Senior Follies - Mr. Chris Lese
Spring Musical - Mr. Tom Ajack
Winter Play - Miss Ann Downey