Spring Athletics

Noack Strength & Fitness Center

Noack Strength & Fitness Center

The Noack Strength & Fitness Center offers 4,500 sq. ft. of strength and conditioning equipment. Programming is led by two full-time, certified strength and conditioning coaches to help all students achieve their fitness goals.

Traditional physical education courses are not offered at Marquette High. The fitness program (which is a requirement for freshmen) addresses health, fitness and wellness issues that can sometimes be neglected when students do not attend health or physical education classes. It is based on teaching lifetime activities that provide long-term benefits to health and well-being. This is a great opportunity for students to improve their current fitness level and overall health while receiving proper guidance and support throughout the process.

Freshmen Fitness Program Requirement

Dedicated to educating the whole person, we see the physical formation of our students as an integral part of Jesuit education. Freshmen will participate in the Freshman Fitness Program throughout the academic school year. Participation will depend upon student's academic eligibility and current participation in athletics. Students involved in athletics will not have a fitness requirement during their athletic season. Exemptions may be issued by the Assistant Principal for Academics and the Fitness Director as appropriate. A fitness manual will be provided to all freshmen students during registration week. In addition, updated manuals will be posted on the school website.

The Fitness Program for freshman is a requirement for graduation, much like service. A mark of S/U for Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory will be placed on the student’s permanent MUHS transcript. Should a student fail to complete the fitness requirement, he will receive an ‘Unsatisfactory’ notation on his transcript, and the student will need to complete an equivalent make-up program in order to complete the requirement and be eligible for graduation. Students who fail to complete the weekly requirements will receive a JUG. This is a freshman only program.

Blue & Gold Club

During the school year, students can participate in Hilltopper Strength & Conditioning and specifically the Blue & Gold Club. Students sign up ahead of time for regularly scheduled workouts. This structured schedule will spread out the number of users and improve safety, efficiency, effectiveness, and instruction. The end result being maximal physical development and ensuring that all students have access to and equal opportunity to utilize equipment and receive instruction. All students (athletes and non-athletes) that would like to use the Noack Strength & Fitness Center following the school day need to participate in one of the structured programs. This is not necessary for completion of the freshmen fitness requirement.

Registration information will be sent to students prior to each session and posted on the MUHS website. Students will need to complete the registration form and submit it prior to the deadline. Students will be assigned to a group based on their preference and in the order that forms are received. Spots are limited for each session. There will be minimal changes once assigned, but as students drop or choose to switch, changes may take place. Students will need to plan their schedule accordingly.

Fitness Center Staff

Mike Duehring
Director of Performance & Fitness
414-933-7220 ext. 3063