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Athletics Director's Message

Marquette University High School educates the whole person. As part of that, athletics teach fair play, balance, life lessons and build character. Student-athletes grow and mature as individuals, while being responsible to the team. They develop self-esteem, healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle, while learning to manage their emotions. Practice and competition provide the opportunity for growth in all areas of life.

Marquette High strives to be a model athletics program with quality coaches. As a Catholic High School in the Jesuit tradition, coaches are asked to get to know the players as individuals off the practice field and to support and care for them. We offer high-caliber educational opportunities at practices and sporting events to match what is accomplished in the classroom.

We pride ourselves for having scholar-athletes and we are honored by our graduates' record of achievement after high school.

What we expect from our athletes and student fans is leadership and the willingness to take responsibility for their own actions. Marquette High athletics stresses excellence, sportsmanship and a high code of moral conduct. Athletes often receive additional public scrutiny for their behavior, so we must always strive to be our best, including being humble winners or graceful losers. Athletic success is most often measured by wins and losses, but the success we take the most pride in at Marquette High is the valuable life lessons that student-athletes learn.

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Go Hilltoppers!

Bob Herman '85
Athletics Director

Athletics Staff

Mr. Robert Herman '85
Athletics Director
(414) 933-7220, Ext. 3059

Ms. Angela Balistrieri
Administrative Assistant
(414) 933-7220, Ext. 3041

Sport Team Photos

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Student Athletic Code

The following athletic code has been approved for all students participating in athletics at Marquette University High School. This code is in effect for this calendar year and the next calendar year.

Academic Eligibility

Marquette University High School encourages participation in extracurricular activities. A student's academic well-being, however, takes precedent over his participation in any activity outside of the classroom. This policy is meant to encourage students who participate in an activity to remain in good academic standing. In addition, all WIAA academic eligibility rules apply.

A student athlete automatically becomes ineligible for athletic competition if his current GPA for a quarter or semester grading period falls below 1.7 or if he has more than one failing grade and/or incomplete.

A student athlete may become ineligible for competition at a mid-quarter progress report time if he has two or more failing grades and/or incompletes. Determinations will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Assistant Principal for Academics in consultation with the Athletic Director. The student’s adviser may also be consulted if needed.

Eligibility may be regained 1) at the next mid-quarter progress report time if the student is in good academic standing and does not have two or more failing grades and/or incompletes, or 2) at the next quarter/semester grading period if the student’s GPA has risen to 1.7 or better with no more than one failure and/or incomplete. Any student who becomes ineligible at the first mid-quarter progress report time may seek review for possible reinstatement two weeks later.

Additionally, the Assistant Principal for Academics in consultation with the Athletic Director may elect to temporarily suspend any student athlete from participation, practice and/or competition at any time during the school year due to poor academic performance (e.g. missing work, pattern of poor grades, etc.).

Students who become ineligible as a result of second semester grades who participate in summer baseball regain eligibility after serving a 21 calendar day suspension from the last day of the spring semester final exams. If a student who participates in summer baseball is in a fall sport, they may be made re-eligible at the beginning of the school year at the discretion of the Assistant Principal for Academics in consultation with the Athletic Director.


All students are subject to school policy regarding the possession and/or the use of tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances or look alike substances. The possession and/or use of these drugs is prohibited. When in the presence of such substances the student must leave. Any student athlete who violates this rule, who will remain a MUHS student, will be subject to the following punishments:

For the first violation of the AODA policy, the athlete will be suspended one-fourth of the games, matches, or meets of that scheduled season. If the student/athlete comes forward by 10:00 a.m. the next school day and admits the violation to the Dean of Students, the student will receive a one competition suspension.

For the second violation, the athlete will be suspended for one-half of the scheduled season.

For the third violation, the athlete will be suspended from participation in Marquette High athletics. The Dean, Athletic Director and student-adviser will review the student’s overall performance after one year. At that time, sanctions could be modified and eligibility may be restored.

MUHS students are expected to leave the premises when they find themselves in the presence of underage drinking or drug use. Failing to leave these situations indicates support for these activities, therefore, MUHS will consider a students presence at the gathering as a violation of the MUHS Athlete Code.

All students are subject to the schools Co-curricular Code regarding cheating and theft.

Any student-athlete found to have been dishonest for the purpose of avoiding athletic code sanctions will receive a double penalty had the student been honest initially.

Any student who misses any of the last five class periods of the day because of illness may not participate in any co-curricular activities the day of the absence. When a student is unexcused from class, he may be suspended from participation.

A student disqualified from a contest for flagrant or unsportsmanlike conduct is suspended from interscholastic competition for no less than the next competitive event (not less than one complete game or meet). In the event the athlete is suspended from one post-season, tournament game, WIAA rules prohibit the athlete from all tournament play.

No student may intentionally or recklessly engage in acts which endanger the physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with any organization operating in connection with Marquette High. The school prohibits hazing, harassment and discrimination.

In addition to the above rules, the coach of any athletic team may set rules for his or her team. These additional rules must be clear to the members of that team and to the Athletic Director.

A student who violates the athletic code is expected to report the infraction to the Dean of Students.

While participating in WIAA tournament competition, each athlete must observe the WIAA Code. Violation of this code will result in immediate disqualification for the remainder of the tournament series in that sport.

Administration/Health Insurance Coverage

Each athlete must have and pass a physical examination before he can participate. A valid examination must be on file with the athletic department before practice begins. Physical examinations after April 1 of a given year are good for two school years.

An athlete is responsible for all equipment issued to him. Stealing and vandalizing athletic equipment or school property will be subject to punishment by the administration.

Each athlete must have a signed parental consent slip before he can participate.

Anyone participating in interscholastic athletics or competitive club sports must have health insurance. All athletes must be protected with personal health insurance in case of injury. Marquette University High School does not provide health insurance coverage for athletes. In any sport, especially contact sports, there is a risk of injury. Injuries to organs, paralysis and even death may occur. Students without health insurance may not practice or compete in any sport.

Marquette University High School Parent Athletic Code Agreement

Parents or guardians of student athletes participating in Marquette University High School's athletic program support their son's agreement to abide by all the training rules stated in the athletic code. Parents or Guardians also support the school's belief that alcohol, tobacco and other drug use is harmful to a person's development and performance.

To demonstrate support as Parents or Guardians we pledge to:

  1. Assert authority as parents/guardians in supporting and guiding our son.
  2. Be aware of our son's academic status, psychological needs, behavior, and social status.
  3. Set a good example for our son by making responsible decisions about our own use of alcohol and tobacco. Responsibly manage prescribed medications in our home.
  4. Provide support for our son if it becomes apparent that a problem exists. We will seek information and assistance. (Information is available through the MUHS Guidance Department or sources outside the school.)
  5. Not cover up or provide alibis if training rules are broken. We will communicate our intentions to our son at the beginning of the school year so he will be aware of what the consequences will be as he makes decisions about his behavior.