Junior Service

Junior Service

Students will choose a site from a list of approved sites and will complete 12 hours of service each semester at their chosen site.

Juniors can complete their service at meal programs, food pantries, therapeutic recreation programs, Special Olympics events, assisted living facilities, or tutoring programs that are publicized on the school’s x2vol Service Tracking Website.

Students MUST sign up for activities that are posted on the x2vol site. It is important for students to read the entire description of an activity BEFORE committing to service at a particular site so that the student AND the participants in the activity get the most out of it. Some sites require regular, consistent volunteers, as well as paperwork such as background checks. Other sites offer one-time service experiences. The student is in charge of fulfilling his service commitment, and it is in his best interest to get familiar with the x2vol Program and to start service in September.

Student Service Sign-Up

Students sign up for service projects and check how many hours they have completed - all online!

The service site is handled by x2VOL, accessible through Naviance. Click below to login to Naviance and then select the x2VOL tab.

Service Sign-Up Site