Junior Service

Junior Service

Junior community service is coordinated through junior Theology classes - Church History and Christian Discipleship. As sophomores, students were able to choose from a plethora of opportunities. Some students may have found a niche at a particular site but many students did different projects. During junior year, the emphasis is on developing relationships. Students will be asked to complete all of the hours at one site. This experience will be more intense than sophomore year but will prepare students for their Senior Shared Life experience.

Students will choose a site from a list of approved sites and will complete 12 hours of service each semester at their chosen site.

Student Service Sign-Up

Students sign up for service projects and check how many hours they have completed - all online!

The service site is handled by x2VOL, accessible through Naviance. Click below to login to Naviance and then select the x2VOL tab.

Service Sign-Up Site