Senior Shared Life

Senior Shared Life

The Senior Shared Life project is the capstone of the Marquette University High School community service program. All seniors, as part of their graduation requirements, must successfully complete the Senior Shared Life Project.

At the end of the third quarter, every senior is released from classes to work on a two-week (80 hours) community service project. Seniors volunteer at service agencies or institutions such as day care centers, public schools and assisted living/elder care facilities in the greater Milwaukee area. Midway through Senior Shared Life, the entire class returns to MUHS to share their observations and experiences. Students gain insight into their own projects and have a chance to re-evaluate their commitment before completing the final week.

Since the project began in 1972, more than 10,000 students have provided nearly 500,000 hours of service at more than 70 sites. Graduates often cite the Senior Shared Life project as their most powerful experience at MUHS. Senior Shared Life is another example of how MUHS helps students learn what it means to be “men for others.”

For more information, contact:
Paul Farrell
Director of Campus Ministry

414-933-7220, Ext. 3083