Sophomore Service

Sophomore Service

For many sophomores this will be their first ongoing experience with community service. The Marquette High philosophy centers on community support and a strong community relies on everyone's input. Therefore, it is a tradition for parents to volunteer for at least one of the scheduled service opportunities during the year.

Students will complete 12 service hours each semester, eight of which will be Core hours and four will be Support hours. Core hours are service hours with an agency that directly serves disadvantaged members of the community, those who lack a decent level of health, mobility, companionship, shelter, education, or other basic amenities to living in dignity. Support hours are service activities that benefit the community by helping agencies with a religious, educational or charitable mission.

Student Service Sign-Up

Students sign up for service projects and check how many hours they have completed - all online!

The service site is handled by x2VOL, accessible through Naviance. Click below to login to Naviance and then select the x2VOL tab.

Service Sign-Up Site