Jesuit education works to give each student a chance to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To give each student a chance to grow in Christian self-understanding, the spirit of prayer and worship, and the Christian call to service, retreats are offered as an integral part of the Marquette High experience. Retreats are considered to be so essential that the academic year for all freshmen and sophomores is deemed incomplete unless a retreat has been made.

Freshman Retreat

The freshman retreat is a dynamic experience that builds community. Juniors and seniors lead the retreat, and a group of sophomores serve as the grounds crew. The upperclassmen develop leadership skills through the organization and implementation of this energizing experience. The retreat takes place in March but planning begins the previous summer.

Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomore Retreat provides students, faculty and staff time for reflection and contemplation away from school. Each year, eight to nine retreats are conducted at Schoenstatt Retreat Center. The administration and faculty members participate in the retreat by staffing the retreat, making phone calls to parents,and serving as liturgists or confessors.

Kairos Retreat

The Kairos Retreat for many students is the highlight and culmination of their entire MUHS experience. Kairos is an optional peer-led retreat for juniors and seniors. The retreats take place in September, November, January, March and April.