Alumni Service Corps

Alumni Service Corps

The Alumni Service Corps (ASC) is a volunteer program that allows individuals to live out a Jesuit commitment to service as a short-term faculty member at Marquette University High School.


Individuals interested in participating in the program must complete the application the year prior to their intended involvement. The following must accompany the application form: an up-to-date resume, a college transcript and a letter of recommendation.

Applications are reviewed on the basis of academic excellence, school and community involvement, evidence of commitment to the Jesuit mission and teaching experience/aptitude.


Individuals accepted into the program make a commitment of total involvement in the Marquette High community for a period of one school year, August through May. (An ASC member may be invited to volunteer for a second year.)

ASC members' service may take a variety of forms and not always include classroom teaching. Whether coaching, tutoring, serving as a part-time classroom instructor or co-teacher, or serving with the Pastoral Department, the ASC member is always a teacher.

All ASC members are expected to:


  • participate in the new faculty orientation session in August
  • tutor and supervise in the Evening Enrichment Program and other learning service programs
  • attend faculty and departmental meetings and gatherings


  • staff at least one weekend retreat
  • prefect during the school day
  • chaperone events (dances, service trips, etc.)
  • assist with coaching or moderating at least one sport or club/activity


  • live in community with other ASC members
  • engage in the spiritual growth program for ASC members


The ASC program is a volunteer program. Participants receive housing, a food/per diem stipend, and a personal stipend.

For more information please contact:
Heidi McCormack
Human Resource Specialist
414-933-7220, Ext. 3054

Alumni Service Corps FAQs

Q. Must I be an MUHS graduate to apply to the ASC Program?

No. Over the years, the ASC program has been home to non-MUHS graduates and female members. However, it is important that all ASC volunteers have some background in Jesuit education, either as a graduate of a Jesuit high school or university.

Q. I didn't major in education. What if I don't know how to teach?

A degree in education is not required to take part in the program. Although all ASC engage in some form of teaching, particularly through the school's learning services programs, not all are classroom teachers. For those ASC in classroom teaching roles, MUHS will provide many support and mentoring possibilities to help you succeed in your own classroom. You will need to enter with substantive content knowledge, but there will be ample support to get you ready to teach.

Q. Will teaching take up all of my time? Are there other opportunities?

Classroom teaching is one possibility for ASC members, as a teacher in his/her own classroom or in a team-teaching situation. Other possibilities include: tutoring, serving with the Pastoral Department, or helping with student activities. ASC are encouraged to participate in the breadth of activities beyond the classroom, such as retreats, school trips, clubs, theatre, academic support, coaching, volunteer work, etc.

Q. Will there be an orientation? What is the start date?

There is an orientation that occurs early/mid-August. Volunteers are normally welcome to move in during the first week of August. More information is provided as the selection process in confirmed.

Q. How many other volunteers will there be? When are they selected?

Generally 3-5 volunteers per year take part in the program. Applications are still being accepted. Staffing decisions for the ASC Program are made in conjunction with other hiring decisions, so please know that is a very involved process that takes time.

Q. What will it be like living in the community environment?

Living in community with others is a unique experience. Although you may have lived in dorms and with your friends during college, being placed into a house with several other people that you may not know and yet will work with is different. Furthermore, the ASC community has an explicit faith aspect. If you take the time to get to know the others and remain open you will thoroughly enjoy that aspect of the experience as well.

Marquette University High School will begin accepting applications for its Alumni Service Corps (ASC) program for the ‘19-‘20 school year on DECEMBER 1, 2018. Applications received in December, will receive early consideration with the possibility of interviews occurring over the applicants’ Christmas break. The final deadline for applications is MARCH 15, 2019. Offers of ASC positions will begin to be made in March 2019.

Application for the 2019-2020 school year

Applications should be sent to the attention of Heidi McCormack, Human Resource Specialist, at the school’s address.