Specialty Homerooms & Clubs

Student Organizations

The purpose of student organizations at MUHS is to complete and broaden the education of the student. There are three types: co-curricular, spiritual, and athletic. Every student should belong to one organization. The freshmen are especially encouraged to participate in them. Announcements are made early in the year regarding the procedure for joining them. If there are any questions, contact the moderators whose names are listed for each organization.

*Clubs and organizations that have been designated as specialty homerooms are designated by an asterisk after their title. Homerooms meet during the school day. Clubs may meet during the school day as well as outside the school day.

Specialty Homerooms & Clubs

Admissions Homeroom*

This special homeroom offers students the opportunity to be ambassadors for Marquette High, while assisting with the recruitment and retention of future and current students. Member of this homeroom will help to create a welcoming environment for all prospective students who attend Marquette High by assisting with the open house, the shadow program and school visits.

(Contact: Mr. Drees)

Art Club*

The Art Club consists of students interested in using their time, talent and skills in art to meet the needs of the school. Students will be expected to assist in making posters, brochures, banners and other visual output needed for school programs. All students are eligible although enrollment will be limited.

(Contact: Ms. Powers)

Baseball Homeroom*

Enjoy the American pastime off the playing field through conversation and movies.

(Contact: Mr. Smith)

Best Buddies*

Best Buddies creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships that in turn increase self-esteem, confidence and the abilities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The Marquette Chapter of Best Buddies is one of 23 high school chapters in Wisconsin. Our chapter forms one-to-one friendships with young adults who attend the Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) Life Academy in West Allis, Wisconsin and the St. Coletta Day School housed in St. Sebastian Grade School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As a larger group, we assist with Best Buddies of Wisconsin events and the John C. Cudahy YMCA‘s inclusive recreation program. Each homeroom member is encouraged to form a one-to-one friendship. This friendship will require weekly emails and/or phone conversations with your assigned buddy. As a chapter, we are asked to complete at least one service project per month. These are scheduled on days when school is not in session, in the evening, or on the weekend. Active commitment in the Best Buddies homeroom enhances our member‘s bond with the local community.

(Contact: Mrs. Nunez)

Celtic Club*

The Celtic Club aims to study and engender an appreciation of Celtic cultures in the world, with a heavy emphasis on Ireland, through film, song, dance, lectures and guest speakers. The club is also involved in school and local activities such as the Multi-cultural Food Fair and the St. Patrick‘s Day Parade and does service with various organizations around Milwaukee, Irish Fest being one.

(Contact: Mr. Kearney)

Chess Club*

The Chess Club is open to students who are interested in developing a strategic imagination. No experience is needed to join.

(Contact: Mr. Prosser)

Cinematography Homeroom*

The Cinematography homeroom is dedicated to the art of making movies. Members of this homeroom would be involved in movie making and movie critiquing.

(Contact: TBD)


The "voice" of the student population is the Student Conclave, the MUHS version of student government. The student body will have ample chances to have their voices heard through Conclave representatives and at school functions. Student Conclave fosters dialogue with the administration, other clubs and outside vendors. Membership requires attendance in the Student Conclave Homeroom. If you are interested in both the study of government and having a great time practicing servant leadership, then contact a moderator.

(Contact: Mr. Dillon, Mr. Feely, Mrs. Kodra, Mrs. Zunac)

CyberPatriot Team*

CyberPatriot Team competes against other high schools. The team is put in the position of newly hired IT professionals tasked with managing the network of a small company. In the rounds of competition, teams are given a set of virtual images that represent operating systems and are tasked with finding cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the images and hardening the system while maintaining critical services in a six-hour period. Teams compete for the top placement within their state and region, and the top teams in the nation earn all-expenses paid trips to Baltimore, MD, for the National Finals Competition where they can earn national recognition and scholarship money.

(Contact: Mr. Reis)


MUHS students of all four years may choose to compete in either Policy or Lincoln-Douglas debate. Policy debaters compete with a partner to propose a solution to an international or domestic problem. Lincoln-Douglas debaters compete one-on-one arguing the philosophical or moral values of current issues. Debaters compete in both Wisconsin and national level tournaments.

(Contact: Mr. Singh, Mr. Cekanor)

Engineering and Applied Sciences*

In this homeroom, students will listen to speakers with a science background, watch videos, learn about technology and medicine, participate in a small-group project, and discuss careers in the sciences. This homeroom is meant to accommodate the interests of the students in the area of science and our discussions can lead us to finding out more information about future careers in the areas of engineering and other science-related fields. An application needs to be filled out by students in order to be considered for this homeroom. Freshmen are most welcome to apply as well.

(Contact: Mr. Vogt)

Environmental Science*

This homeroom is devoted to the conservation and universal use of the natural resources at MUHS and around Milwaukee. Students in the homeroom would be involved in outdoor activities, environmental service projects, and promoting environmental justice.

(Contact: Mr. Azpell)

Flambeau Yearbook*

Members of all four years join together to create a visual and written summary of the school year. The yearbook provides a historical record for the MUHS community and a memory keepsake for all graduates. Every MUHS student receives a copy of the yearbook each year, so the Flambeau staff provides a valuable service to the entire MUHS community.

(Contact: Ms. Scheuing)


Senior Follies is the presentation of a full length musical production which is written, produced, and presented by the seniors early in their senior year (stage crew is open to all four years). Work on the writing and production begins in the spring of junior year. There are many opportunities in Senior Follies for any senior with an interest in music, acting, and stage craft. All seniors are encouraged to participate, since the main purpose and function of the Follies is to bring class unity early to the seniors so they may better fulfill their roles as leaders in the MUHS community. Note: A senior may do both Follies and Fall Kairos.

(Contact: Mr. Lese)


The forensics team competes in tournaments in Wisconsin and at the national level. Students may choose from many different speech or drama categories. Students of all four years who wish to improve their public speaking skills may join. Most of the forensics tournaments are from January through April with two additional national tournaments held in June.

(Contact: Ms. Geyser)

German Club*

The German Club promotes interest in a variety of cultural activities. These include videos, rock & roll, board games, CD ROMs and other activities. This includes visiting German-American historical buildings and restaurants in the Milwaukee area.

(Contact: Mr. Grusenski)

Hilltoppers Defending Life*

Hilltoppers Defending Life seeks to courageously, lovingly stand up for the dignity of all human life, from conception to natural death. Participation in HDL is open to all MUHS students, whether they are part of the HDL Homeroom or not. HDL Core Group Homeroom members will serve as the primary planners of HDL events and will also seek to grow in knowledge of the ethics which pertain to issues of human dignity. Participation in the HDL Core Group Homeroom is open to students of all four years.

(Contact: Mrs. Mansfield)

Hilltoppers FC*

Enjoy the sport of soccer off the playing field. Includes conversation and movie viewing.

(Contact: Mr. Meuler)

History Homeroom*

The History Homeroom provides an opportunity for students to become more aware of historical events and trends primarily through the study of film. Students view a variety of films, including recent productions and documentaries as determined by the interest of the students. Following each viewing, students discuss some of the techniques and themes employed. The goal is to not only encourage an interest in history, but also create a greater understanding of how film both interprets and defines historical events.

(Contact: Mr. Gardner)

Improvisation Club*

The Improvisation Club, known as the Coffeehouse Players, provides students the opportunity to show their talent in spontaneous "theater of the moment." Club members perform special "Evenings of Improvisation" and at a number of events during the year. The goal is to develop theatrical skills and quick-thinking ability without the benefit of a script. Students of all grades must audition for membership.

(Contact: Miss Downey)


Intramurals provide an opportunity for all students to have fun with athletic competition. Basketball, kickball, soccer, dodge ball, and other contests are offered to all who are willing to participate during fourth and fifth periods (lunch). All participants are awarded an intramural T-shirt and championship teams a special championship T-shirt. A nominal fee is paid by each individual to help defray the cost. Are you looking for a good time and friendly competition? Be a part of Marquette High Intramurals!

(Contact: Mr. Smith)

Jesuit Honor Society

Established in 2010, the Fr. John O‘Brien Chapter of the Jesuit Honor Society recognizes those students who strive for excellence in the Graduate at Graduation qualities. Applications are open to all sophomores and juniors, and are available in the second semester each year. Students accepted into the Jesuit Honor Society are selected by the faculty as the embodiment of progress toward the ideal of the Graduate at Graduation. Seniors who have maintained good standing in the Jesuit Honor Society wear an honor cord at graduation.

(Contact: Mrs. Warner)

Key Club Homeroom*

The Key Club is an international student-led service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International whose mission is to offer its members opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership. The Key Club at Marquette High meets as a homeroom. Some examples of its work at school are coordinating the all-school Blood Drive and Christmas Basket Project with the House of Peace. The group also supports the Mothers Guild Rummage Sale, the Open House and the annual Auction. In addition to all the school-based projects, the club also engages with numerous agencies in the greater Milwaukee area.

Membership in the Key Club is open to all students through an annual application process. The process is conducted in the spring during the homeroom selection period for the next school year. The application process is publicized via email. All members commit to completing at least 35 hours of Key Club service per year.

(Contact: Mrs. Cleary or Mr. Neubeck)

Latin Club*

The Latin Club is open to all Marquette students interested in classical languages, the ancient world, or the influences of the past on the present day. An attempt is made to stress an understanding of the ancient Romans as well as to encourage a sense of camaraderie among the members. Its main activities are to prepare Latin students interested in attending the State Convention, to offer tutoring in Latin and to help run the various events the Latin club holds each year. Pietas et humanitas!

(Contact: Mr. Dybicz)

Literary Magazine (Signatures)*

The literary magazine, published once each year, contains quality prose, poetry, and visual art work representing Freshman through Senior classes. Each student-produced issue focuses on showcasing writing and visual arts of the student body.

(Contact: Ms. Schauble)

MAD* (Making a Difference)

The MAD (Making a Difference) Homeroom is open to students of all four years. Homeroom members will identify, plan, and implement a variety of community service, social justice, and faith-related projects and initiatives in response to the needs and opportunities within the Marquette High and Milwaukee communities. Due to interests and time, all homeroom members will not be required to participate in all the projects. In this homeroom, students will strengthen their contextual awareness, creative abilities, interpersonal relations, project planning skills, and Grad-at-Grad ideals while making a difference in MUHS and Milwaukee.

(Contact: Mr. Costa)

M-H Spirit Club*

The M-H Spirit Club is open to student athletes of all four years who are interested in promoting sportsmanship, building school spirit and offering service to the MUHS community. Club members work to build a community of athletes who will be role models for appropriate spirit behavior in support of all co-curricular activities at MUHS, with an emphasis on athletics. Club members will be expected to organize and be participants in school pep rallies, sport pre-game spirit activities and volunteer time to other clubs/activities that need help.

(Contact: Mr. Novotny, Mr. Scott)

Math Club

The Math Club is open to all students who enjoy math. Members prepare for and take contests at Marquette and throughout the state. Contests at Marquette include the Wisconsin Math League series, the Mathematical Association of America Exam, American Math Competitions, Marquette Math Challenge Contests, and the Marquette Fall Math Meet. Other activities include preparing and running the annual Marquette Fall Math Meet, scheduling speakers, and planning occasional field trips.

(Contact: Mr. Griesbach)

Mock Trial*

Mock Trial is a great way for students to learn about the legal system and gives them the opportunity to analyze and prepare a case using facts and case materials developed by attorneys. Students gain a deeper understanding of the court system as they develop their arguments and build their cases. Students will enhance their public speaking skills as they are presenting their case in front of actual judges and attorneys.

(Contact: Ms. Gavagan)

Model UN*

Model UN is a club organization that seeks to encourage interest in international affairs, global cooperation and provide a venue for the analysis and debate of topics related to the United Nations Organization. Marquette University High School‘s Model United Nations is open to 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders interested in studying foreign countries and foreign policies. For the 2015-2016 school year, students plan to attend a number of conferences to order to debate assigned topics. The organization encourages enthusiastic students with strong verbal skills and an interest in foreign relations to participate.

(Contact: Ms. Egan)

National Honor Society

The Pere Marquette Chapter of the National Honor Society Students recognizes those students who have a 3.6 cumulative grade point average at the conclusion of their junior year, have met all service requirements, and have had no serious disciplinary violations. Members of NHS are eligible to apply for national level scholarships sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

(Contact: Mrs. Warner)

Orgullo Latino*

Orgullo Latino is a club dedicated to serving the Latino students at Marquette High. We seek to integrate these students and their families into the Marquette High community, support them throughout high school and the college application process, and expose all Marquette High students to Latino culture. To these ends, the club discusses topics of interest to our Latino students, organizes both fun and educational school-wide events, promotes immigration awareness, and gets together with clubs from other high schools to celebrate the richness of our diversity.

(Contact: Ms. Cazco, Ms. Oliva, Mrs. Piper)

Pep Band

Any student musician who would like to be a part of the "World‘s Most Dangerous Pep Band" is encouraged to join the Pep Band specialty homeroom. Access to a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument is required. Previous experience in a school band is helpful, but not necessary. The Pep Band performs at select "home" Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Hockey games.

(Contact: Mr. Skowronski)


Students will use photography as an opportunity to grow creatively and further develop critical thinking skills. Students may serve as photographers for school events, increase skills and experience of student photographers (photo journals, dark room work, etc.).

(Contact: Mr. Beck)


Powerlifting is a club sport which focuses on individual improvement while maximizing strength and athletic performance. Athletes and not-athletes or any age, size and experience level are encouraged to participate. Lifters workout 3-4 days per week and have the opportunity to compete at several regional meets. Lifters make it to the state and national meets by lifting a qualifying total in squat, bench and deadlift at a regional meet. The competitive season takes place from the conclusion of the fall athletic season to the end of March.

(Contact: Mr. Duehring)

Prep Players

The Prep Players, the drama organization of the school, is open to students of all four years. There are opportunities in Prep Players for any students manifesting an interest in acting, singing, dancing, stage craft, lighting, sound music, and theater house management. The Prep Players help stage Senior Follies. The high points of the Players' year are staging and performing in the annual winter production and the spring musical.

(Contact: Miss Downey or Mrs. Sajdak)


This group is open to students of all four years. The purpose of the homeroom and the entire support group (for those members not in the homeroom) is, as the name suggests, to enable the students at Marquette High School to support each other in the special challenges facing them. The homeroom is also a vehicle for planning activities, arranging speakers, and passing on important information about special college, career, and other opportunities directed particularly to multicultural students.

(Contact: Ms. Blaze or Mrs. Azzalino)


FRC Team 1732 Hilltopper Robotics is a FIRST Robotics team comprised of Marquette University High School (MUHS) and Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA) students. Our mission centers around making a positive impact in young people’s lives by developing science, engineering, and technology skills; fostering leadership, teamwork, and communication; and inspiring innovation, education, and self-confidence in an environment that reinforces the core values of FIRST, MUHS, and DSHA. More significantly, our goals for team development transcend the present and seek to impact potential FIRST participants. It is with these goals to navigate a strong team course that we strive to demonstrate leadership, improve retention, and ensure team sustainability, as outlined in this business plan.


(Contact: Mr. Cayen)

Science Homeroom* / Science Olympiad

Each year, its members compete in a variety of contests ranging from the Regional Science Bowl, the Sturgeon Bowl and the Wisconsin Envirothon. Some members have won trips to represent Marquette H.S. and Wisconsin at the National Competitions. The homeroom also produces a show on recycling that is preformed to grade school children and presented at the Open House, our Academic Tournament for grade schools, Discovery World, and Irish Fest. Some of the homeroom members work on research projects that can be entered in the Junior Science, Engineering and Humanities Symposium and the Wisconsin Science Fair. The homeroom is also open ended in that students can create their own events to participate in. In the past, students that had an environmental interest participated in a wetland restoration project, helped remove materials from the Menomonee River and participated in planting young trees at Miller Park.

(Contact: Mr. Craze, Ms. Williams)


SMART Teams are teams of high school students and their teacher working with research scientists to design and construct physical models of the proteins that are being investigated in their laboratories. The primary goal of the SMART Team program is to connect high school students to the real world of science that exists in an active bimolecular research lab. SMART Teams have opportunities to experience the "real world" of science as it exists in an active research lab. Learn cutting-edge technology (computer visualization and rapid prototyping construction of 3D models). Membership in the SMART Team Homeroom requires a commitment to some out of school time and several Saturday meetings held in the fall at MSOE.

(Contact: Mr. Klestinski or Mr. Kaiser)

Somos Amigos

MUHS provides an opportunity for juniors to become involved in an intense service project either in the Dominican Republic or in Ecuador. Normally the project will last approximately three weeks during the summer months and requires mature, motivated students who would like to work in another cultural setting and try to learn from people different from themselves. Knowledge of the Spanish language is not required but is very helpful. A primary purpose of the program is to provide a setting where students may live out that part of the school's Mission Statement that underscores the importance of service.

(Contact: Mr. Reyes)

Trap Team*

Trap is a club sport at MUHS, which offers a homeroom for students to learn more about the sport, and to provide an opportunity for further planning and communication during homeroom time. The Trap Team teaches students the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for safe and proficient use of firearms along with teaching them the sport of trap shooting, sporting clays, skeet and international bunker.

(Contact: Mr. Kent)


Weightlifting is a club that focuses on the Olympic style lifts and their variations. These lifts should be the core of any athletes program. Students will work through a gradual progression and train using Olympic style lifts to improve explosive triple extension for athletic performance. Participation is extremely beneficial for athletes that plan to play at the collegiate level, but students of any age, size and experience level are encourage to participate if they have interest. The weightlifting club takes place in both the fall and spring.

(Contact: Mr. Duehring)