College Counseling

College Counseling

March 2020: Hello Hilltoppers! The College Counseling Team sends each of you our warm wishes as, together, we begin this new journey of virtual learning and connection. We write to share – above all – that we are here to support and guide you with your continued college search and decision questions.

The College Counseling Team will send frequent email newsletters to our senior and junior classes with news, resources and advice appropriate for each class. Each E-Newsletter edition will be posted below for your reference.

Most importantly, your communication and connection with us is key. Our care for you is our top priority but we can’t know where you need support unless you reach out. The E-Newsletters include the various ways we have set up for you to contact us and stay in touch – please do this! We will learn from each other as, together, we navigate the unprecedented process ahead.

Venture Forth to Go and Set the World on Fire, Hilltoppers! We believe in you!

Class of 2020 – Seniors

Class of 2021 - Juniors/Rising Seniors

Please continue to stay in touch with Annette Cleary or Connie Bennett with how we can support our MUHS students and your work. We are available to you via email or Google Meet as well. Our email contact information appears in the right margin of this page – please reach out. We send all of you - our colleagues across the desk - our care and concern for your campus communities.

Department Members

Annette Cleary

Director | Counselor for Last Names A-L
414-933-7220, Ext. 3035

Connie Bennett
Assistant Director | Counselor for Last Names M-Z
414-933-7220, Ext. 3168

Gail Sahagun
Applications Navigator
414-933-7220, Ext. 3110

Kathie Sullivan
Administrative Assistant
8:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

414-933-7220, Ext. 3084