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For College Admissions Reps

Greetings to our colleagues in College & University Admissions, our friends across the desk.Here we share our Team’s contact information, the Marquette University High School profile, and other documents that we hope provide you and your admissions team with a comprehensive understanding of the Catholic, Jesuit, college-prep academic and social community offered to our young menIf there is additional information that we can provide to help support our MUHS students and your valuable work, please reach out.


Marquette University High School will be offering both in-person and virtual college rep visits for our fall 2023 semester. We welcome college representative visits and find that fall semester visits (mid-September to mid-November) to be the most successful for our college representatives. College visits are promoted and open to seniors and juniors. Please be aware that it is the policy of MUHS to only allow not-for-profit educational institutions to schedule visits.

To Schedule a Visit to MUHS: MUHS uses SCOIR College Sign-Up, a free service to colleges, to schedule college visitors. If you do not use SCOIR College Sign-Up or have scheduling questions, please contact Kathie Sullivan (see contact information and office hours in the right margin).

In Person College Rep Visits – What to Expect: College representatives will meet with students in our dedicated college representative conference spaces within our Center. We make every effort to have a Counseling Center Team member meet and talk with you during your visit. In-person college rep visits take place during class periods when school is in session. Students must receive permission from teachers to attend and pre-register in advance for these meetings. See driving and parking directions listed below.

Virtual College Rep Visits – What to Expect: We welcome virtual visits hosted on your college’s desired platform. Our virtual college representative visits will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during our Homeroom period, 9:40 a.m. - 10:07 a.m., when school is in session. We will share your virtual visit access link with students in advance of your session. Students will be joining your visit from an assigned classroom space with earbuds so they can listen/ask and answer questions.

Arriving to Marquette University High School: While our school address is 3401 W. Wisconsin Avenue, please use our main Henke Center entrance address located at 3306 W. Michigan Street, one block south of Wisconsin Avenue. There are two parking lot entrances located on the north side of Michigan and 33rd Streets. You may park in either lot in any open spot. Use the Henke Center entrance (by the flagpole) to the school. Press the intercom box to the far right of the glass doors for entry. Our security professionals will greet and direct you to the Duffey College Counseling Center, Room 119. Click here for driving directions to MUHS.

Exploring Milwaukee? If you find yourself in our wonderful city, check out our team’s list of “MUHS Recommends” for our favorite coffee shops, restaurants and other fun things to do during your visit. We are also happy to offer our recommendations for area coffee shops or venues to host evening student/family interviews or programs.

Mike Hennicke
Co-Director | Counselor for Last Names M-Z
414-933-7220, Ext. 3079

Katy Holahan
Co-Director | Counselor for Last Names A-L
414-933-7220, Ext. 3078

Connie Bennett
Associate Director (Part-Time)
414-933-7220, Ext. 3168

Gail Sahagun
Applications Navigator
414-933-7220, Ext. 3110

Kathie Sullivan
Administrative Assistant
8:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

414-933-7220, Ext. 3084