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Now, more than ever, our children are being faced with challenges to learning. The impact of COVID-19 on education has been felt around the country, and children and their parents sometimes struggle to find effective ways to meet this challenge. It turns out, how you think about the difficulties you face can impact your success and can even make you smarter along the way. Read More: Growing Resilient Learners

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Getting back into school routines after the holiday break can be difficult in the best of times. For many kids, it's even harder this year. From the disappointment of school activities canceled to the frustration of a weak wireless connection, there are plenty of reasons why kids might be tempted to tune out of remote learning. But there are strategies you can use to help children and teenagers rally. Read More: Strategies

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The Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP) is not just for student problems. SFAP services are available to individual adults and couples, as well as families with other issues. Many adults come to SFAP for relationship issues, individual stress, substance abuse issues and depression. The six-session model often works well to help people get back on track with their lives. SFAP also offers legal, financial, elder care and child care support services. Many parents who do not have personal concerns may benefit from other services available to support families.

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The Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP) shared this article and short video about gratitude. The Thanksgiving holiday is often a reminder to practice gratitude and appreciation. However, in the midst of these uncertain times, we are hearing more and more about the positive impact practicing gratitude has on our overall well-being and its effects on rewiring the brain's neural pathways for happiness and decreasing negative or anxious thoughts.

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Coping with Uncertainty, Worry and Fear

  • Aurora Student and Family Assistance Program has a brief handout on coping with uncertainty, worry, and fear. READ MORE

Tips for Managing Stress and Anxiety this Winter

  • Child Mind Institute has tips on managing stress and anxiety. READ MORE
Mental Health Programs for Children and Adolescents
  • Families throughout the greater Milwaukee area have a trusted resource for specialized mental healthcare at Rogers Behavioral Health. Led by board-certified psychiatrists and psychologists, Rogers' compassionate team works with families and referring providers to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. READ MORE

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The Aurora Student and Family Assistance Program (SFAP) provides valuable services to help address some of the challenges students and families experience. These services are free and confidential to all Marquette University High School students and their immediate families. Click here for additional details about the program. To access SFAP services, call 800-236-3231. If you have any questions, contact Director of Counseling Jennifer Reuchlen at or 414-933-7220, ext. 3070.

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The School Counseling Department and Parent Network Group are working in partnership with the REDgen to provide parenting resources and events for the Marquette High community. REDgen stands for resiliency(R), education(E), and determined(D) to make a difference in the health of a new generation (gen). For questions about Parent Network Group, contact Director of Counseling Jennifer Reuchlen at or 414-933-7220, ext. 3070. For details on upcoming events: Parent Network Group

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Watch "You Can't Afford to Be Clueless" on YouTube to hear from local parents and youth share their experiences with alcohol and drug use. This 15-minute video by the Prevention Network CNY aims to raise parent awareness about underage drinking and drug use. It's funded by the Onondaga County Stop DWI program. For additional parent resources visit Prevention Network.

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