Student Life

PAY (Positive Alternatives for Youth)

PAY - Positive Alternatives for Youth

Marquette High School prides itself on providing support to all students.

This support system begins with the PAY program, a program introduced to students during their freshman year. PAY stands for "Positive Alternatives for Youth." The program acclimates students to the Marquette High community provides them with an opportunity to discuss issues that arise throughout the school year.
Freshmen are assigned to a PAY teacher through their theology class. Once each week during the first semester, students meet in groups of 10 to 15 students. Topics including community life, stress, learning styles and high school expectations are discussed. In addition, each group is assigned with two senior "big brothers," students whom freshmen can ask questions and discuss issues of concern. These groups and the student leaders first become acquainted at freshman orientation in the beginning of the school year. The relationships that evolve help students to find a place as they begin to establish a base in their class and in the MUHS community.

Each PAY group is led by an adult faculty member. In addition to serving as the adult moderator of the group, the faculty PAY leader acts as the academic advisor of each of the students in the group. These faculty members meet individually with each freshman after mid-quarter reports are distributed and at report card distribution time. During registration for sophomore year classes, the faculty PAY leader works with the student and his parents/ guardians to coordinate future course selection.