The Process

A referral may be made to the Student Support Program (SSP) Director or a designated SSP contact person. A student may be referred if he exhibits behavior that is inappropriate, has an unexplained change in academic performance, develops an unacceptable pattern of absence, shows signs of depression or other signals that a problem may exist.

A referral is made by contacting the SSP Director or by completing an SSP Referral Form.

A referral may be made by any of the following concerned individuals:

· Teacher
· Family Member
· Peer
· Self

After an SSP referral is received, the SSP Director will confidentially review information about the student who may be experiencing difficulty.

This may involve obtaining teacher evaluations regarding academic progress; evaluation of discipline problems; parent contact; and a review of the student's attendance record.

If a pattern of inappropriate, self-destructive or declining performance and behavior emerges, the SSP Director will contact the student.

The initial contact will be to interview the student regarding any possible areas of concern. All meetings are confidential.

Offers of assistance to the student might include one-on-one counseling or an in-school support group. If the interview indicates that alcohol and/or other chemicals may be a problem, an assessment by a Certified Addiction Counselor may be requested. The Addiction Counselor would then make a recommendation regarding the appropriate treatment or education that should be pursued.