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Fitness Program

Program Overview

The Fitness Program at Marquette High addresses health, fitness and wellness issues that can sometimes be neglected when students do not attend health or physical education classes.

The goal of the Fitness Program is to provide a program that will address this area and be flexible to minimize any added stress to your already busy schedule. It is based off the "new" PE focusing on lifetime activities that would provide long term benefits to health and well being. Adolescents that begin to develop healthy habits at an early age have been shown to continue them throughout life. Students that participate in fitness activities and make healthy diet choices have been shown to decrease their risk for disease later in life, have more energy, deal with stress more effectively and perform better academically. Consistent participation and 100 percent effort in the MUHS Fitness Program will provide these benefits.

This is a great opportunity for students to improve their current fitness level and overall health while receiving proper guidance and support throughout the process. Additional information on the fitness program, use of the fitness center, and other health and wellness information can be found at the links below. Students are responsible for understanding fitness requirements. The requirements were designed to be effective for achieving results and at the same time to minimize any additional stress upon a student's schedule. Students will be expected to fulfill the requirements, however there is flexibility in how and when they can be completed.Questions or concerns can be addressed by Coach Duehring anytime.

Throughout the school year students will receive regular emails regarding their involvement in the fitness program. This is how students will be made aware of upcoming activities, individual requirements being completed (or not completed), progress made and additional opportunities.

The effectiveness of the fitness program and any exercise program is dependent on effort and consistency. For this reason, we ask that you complete the requirements and put 100 percent effort into the program. If you do this, you will reach your goals and develop healthy habits that will benefit you throughout life.

Fitness Center Staff

Mike Duehring
Director of Performance & Fitness
(414) 933-7220, ext. 3063

Andrew Kossow
Performance & Fitness Coordinator
(414) 933-7220, ext. 3062

Fitness Staff Bios