Food Service

Food Service

Marquette High is committed to providing wholesome, satisfying and nutritious meals which help to support good health, learning and the overall well-being of each student who chooses to purchase meals at school. We are pleased to offer Flik Independent School Dining as the dining service provider at Marquette High.

Visit to learn more about Flik's mission, programming and commitment to social responsibility.

Menus can be seen weekly at In addition, helpful information is available on their Resources page.

Dining Services Contact:
Ms. Felicia Clements
Director of Dining Services, Flik
414-933-7220 Ext. 3055

Weekly Menus

2019-2020 Meal Plan Options

2019-2020 Meal Plan Form

All meal plan payments must be made by Aug. 30, 2019.

Any payments made after Aug. 30, 2019 will be deposited in the student's declining balance account.

Meal Plan FAQ

Adding money to lunch accounts:

Students can bring a check from home and deposit it directly with the cashier in the Cannon Commons (before school or during a study hall). Or parents can go to MySchoolBucks and deposit online via credit card. Credit card deposits are subject to a fee.