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Student Handbook

Students who attend Marquette University High School and their parents or guardians are responsible for reading, understanding and abiding by the rules set forth in the Student Handbook. Any questions regarding the Student Handbook should be directed to the Dean of Students, Assistant Principal for Academics, or the Principal.

REvised 2024-2025 Student Dress Code Policy 

Dress Code Guidelines

Marquette University High School, a Catholic educational institution, contends that appropriate dress on the part of all students enhances the educational experience and creates an environment of respect for self and others.  Therefore, it reserves the right to determine and insist upon a norm of appearance for its students. 

  • Pants: Traditional classic-cut or relaxed-fit chinos must be worn by all students during the school day. Pants are to be worn at the waist, and be a solid color such as tan, black, navy blue, gray, brown, or olive. Jeans/Denim, patterned prints, athletic pants, wind pants, cargo pants, fleece/pajama pants, drawstring pants, or sweatpants do not adhere to this standard.  Pants must reach the ankle and must be neat, clean, and without rips or frays. Pants should have belt loops, not drawstring ties.

  • Shirts: An official Marquette High polo must be worn at all times. Official polo shirts include an approved Marquette High logo or an approved Marquette High club/team logo. Polos provided/purchased either through the school, a Marquette High club/team, or an approved vendor are appropriate. Polo shirts may be short- or long-sleeved. Polo shirts may hang loosely and must cover the bottom of the waistband of the lower garment and not extend past the top of the thigh. A long-sleeved shirt may be worn under the polo shirt in a similar solid color. A fully-buttoned Marquette High button-down shirt, with or without a tie, may be worn in place of a polo. 

    • 2024-2025 School Year: Polos without a Marquette High logo may be worn. Polos must be solid, without patterns, in navy blue, gray, or white, and may consist of only a manufacturer’s logo. Full-button Oxfords without a Marquette High logo may also be worn, given that they are solid, without patterns, in navy or light blue, gray, or white.

  • Shoes: Shoes (dress or gym) and socks must be worn at all times. Sandals, “Croc”-style slip-ons, slippers, moccasins, athletic slides, or any type of open-toed or open-heeled footwear are not permitted. 

  • Outerwear: Permissible outerwear must promote Marquette High and/or its clubs or teams. Marquette High outerwear includes a crewneck sweatshirt, quarter-zip pullover, sweater, or windbreaker. A Marquette High polo is still to be worn under the outerwear and collars must be visible, with exception to a quarter-zip pullover, which may be worn without a polo underneath. Hooded garments may not be worn during the school day.

    • 2024-2025 School Year: Quarter-zip pullovers without a Marquette High logo may be worn. The quarter-zip should have no markings other than the manufacturer's logo. Garments must be solid, without pattern, and only a manufacturer logo, in navy blue, gray, or white. 

  • Accessories: Clothing or jewelry which advertises or displays tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances or other material judged contrary to the school’s goals are not allowed at any time in school or at any Marquette High activity. Body piercing other than simple earrings is prohibited. Hats, bandanas, non-religious head coverings, and sunglasses may not be worn in the building.  All hats should be kept in a locker during the school day. Hoods are not allowed during the school day, students should not have hoods covering their heads at any time. 

  • Hair: Hair must be kept clean, neatly combed, and of reasonable style and natural shade. Students may wear neatly trimmed beards and mustaches.

  • Jackets: Heavier winter coats/jackets may NOT be worn in school and should be kept in a locker throughout the day. 

Special Dress Codes

  • Warm-Weather: Warmer weather may necessitate an adjustment to the traditional dress code.  These adjustments occur at the discretion of the administration (from approximately mid-August to October 1st and after May 1st). Students choosing not to utilize the warm-weather dress code should abide by normal dress code expectations. This dress code follows the standard Dress Code expectations with the following adjustments: 

    • Shorts: Students may wear chino-style shorts. Cut-offs or athletic shorts are not permitted. Shorts must be worn at waist level at all times. 

    • Shirts: Shirts must follow the outlined guidelines listed above, or students may wear a Marquette High t-shirt. 

  • Mass Dress Code: During those times when the school community joins for liturgy or other school-wide formal events, Marquette High will follow a Mass Dress Code with the following adjustments:  

    • Pants: Students must wear dress slacks or chino pants, with a belt. Students may wear dress shorts, with a belt, if the Warm-Weather Dress Code is in effect. 

    • Shirts: Students must wear a collared full-buttoned dress shirt tucked into pants. Students may wear a sports coat, in addition to their shirt, if they wish.

    • Ties: Students must wear a tie (or bow tie) at all times. 

    • Shoes: Dress shoes are encouraged, but clean, neat sneakers may be worn for all school liturgy days.

    • Outwear: If a student chooses to wear outerwear aligned with Dress Code expectations during the school day, the outwear must be removed prior to and during liturgy. School-branded quarter-zip or crew neck sweaters may be worn during liturgies in colder months; no hooded garments or jackets are to be worn to liturgies. 

  • Blue & Gold Days: Blue and Gold Days occur throughout the year as a way to celebrate Marquette High.  Therefore,  a deviation from the Normal Dress Code may occur:

    • Pants: Students may wear jeans or athletic pants (i.e. Marquette High sweatpants), provided they are neat, clean and free of rips or tears. No pajama pants. 

    • Shirts: If not wearing a Marquette High polo, students may wear any Marquette High top (t-shirt, sweatshirt, jersey, etc.). Hooded Marquette High branded garments are allowed on Blue & Gold days. 

  • Special Dress Days: Throughout the school year, various “special dress days” occur, for example, Homecoming week, support of a fundraiser, or a retreat/Spiritual Theme t-shirt day. Unless explicitly stated, these dress days apply only to the top/shirt students wear.  All other dress code expectations (pants, shoes) apply. In instances where individuals or teams wish to “dress-up” for a school day (i.e. wearing a shirt and tie while giving a presentation or wearing a jersey prior to a sporting event), the standard is that attire adheres to the outlined code and is approved by teacher/coach and Dean of Students.

Failure to comply with dress code expectations may result in demerits, JUG, or suspension. These guidelines do not cover every situation but do apply to all school days including testing periods, exam days, and shortened schedule days, unless temporarily amended by the administration.  Questionable attire or appearance will be referred to the Dean of Students for arbitration.