Companions on the Journey Campaign Stories

The school’s namesake, Père Jacques Marquette, was a young and enthusiastic Jesuit whose exploration of the Midwest forged the path for future missionaries to proclaim the good news. His spirit and mission live on at Marquette High in the experiences and journeys of the Marquette High community. One spirit. One mission. Many journeys. Each characterized by courage, passion, perseverance, love and discovery. Journeys of faith, scholarship and community. Journeys of faith, scholarship and community. Journeys of students, teachers, parents and alumni. And, just as Père Marquette traveled with companions, we too, travel together on our journey for the Greater Glory of God.

Jan Krawczyk '16

I had no idea where I wanted to go to high school, but I knew I wanted to receive the best education possible. In the end, I decided to come to MUHS because all of the amazing things I had seen and heard about the school. I’m so glad I did. I have been challenged with rigorous academics, enjoyed great extracurricular activities and sports, learned from caring teachers and interacted with amazing people through community service work. I have joined a group of young men who have evolved into my family of brothers. Most importantly, I have grown in my faith and closer to God through the retreats, especially the Kairos Retreat, which has been my most meaningful MUHS experience to date. I’m so happy I chose MUHS. I have received more than just a typical high school education; I have also gained lessons and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Jalen Ralls-Franklin'16

Marquette High is not just a building where students come for seven hours to take lecture notes and complete homework assignments. This is a special place where extraordinary growth happens and opportunities are as widespread as one’s imagination. During my MUHS years, I’ve grown intellectually, spiritually and morally as a person. I’ve had so many amazing experiences; however, performing as the lead in Senior Follies was one of the greatest times of my life. I had a blast working with all my brothers through long practices and dance rehearsals. Words cannot describe the reward of investing so much time and energy into practices and then performing in front of hundreds of people, reaping the rewards of their enthusiastic laughter and applause. I will cherish those memories forever. I love my school and everything for which it stands. I may complain about the workload, but there is no place I would rather be. I’m proud to be a Hilltopper!

Julie Steinhafel

Faith and a sense of humor have helped me survive raising five teenage boys! Of course my husband Mark ’79 and Marquette High also deserve credit. Jesuit education has been a long, important tradition in my family—Mark and I both graduated from Creighton University. So when it came time to choose a high school for our sons, Marquette High was our first and only choice. Each of our sons had his own distinctive MUHS experience marked by different teachers, varied extracurricular activities and diverse interests. However, the culmination of their four years is strikingly similar. They all matured into value-centered, confident, strong, loving “men for others.” The dedicated, talented teachers at MUHS have been steadfast companions on the journey to educate our sons. And, I trust God has and will continue to watch over our sons, to send them the mentor or companion they need at any particular moment in their lives.

Rev. Thomas C. Manahan, SJ

“I’ll be interested to see how you leave your mark on the world. “I’ll never forget those words my high school teacher spoke to me. Years later, it was those words that encouraged me to reevaluate my business career and eventually led me to the Jesuits. Today I am humbled to walk the MUHS hallways as an educator and be part of this special mission. At Marquette High, the focus isn’t on the ‘what’ of learning, but instead on the ‘how’ of learning. The day’s lesson is important, but a student’s learning extends far beyond the classroom. An MUHS education isn’t just one class or one retreat or one service visit, but instead it’s the cumulative effect of all those classes, events and moments that result in a truly transformative experience. There are many schools that offer an education, but Marquette High offers an experience that shapes lives and lasts a lifetime.

Thomas O. Duffey '75, Campaign Chair

If I had to point to one defining thing about my MUHS education, it would be that it made me focus less on myself and more on my role in the bigger world. The Jesuits and lay teachers taught me that we can affect the world around us if we choose to make that philosophical and theological commitment. I’ve always carried that with me. I’m very conscious that what I do and what I think have an impact on everyone around me. I’m so grateful to the Jesuits, administrators and lay faculty that instilled this Ignatian value in my three sons, Ryan ’02, Matt ’05 and Keenan ’08, and me. This enormously talented group of educators has dedicated their life to the Marquette High mission and teaching life’s most important lessons. You may forget the calculus or Latin you learned, but that core of what you become at MUHS, a man for others, stays with you forever.